IBM Exec on Big Data Challenges
Marketers face all kinds of challenges turning big data into actionable insights, not the least of which is figuring out how to act on insights gained through analysis of anonymous data.

We Can Always Learn More
Think you know a lot about big data and artificial intelligence? You may rethink that after hearing what Ray Kurzweil had to say at the Global Directions.

Here Comes Oracle
Oracle steps up competition with IBM, Salesforce with latest release, with cloud updates announced at Oracle OpenWorld.

Software from HighQ All About Due Diligence
This solution wants to offer enterprises a standardized way of creating due diligence reports as well as save time.

SharePoint: Strong Chief Needed
Implementing dozens of SharePoint projects has taught us a valuable lesson: a successful SharePoint project has a single leader who drives success, and you are not going anywhere in SharePoint without a leader.

What the Forrester Wave ECM Wants Today
The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market is changing, and vendors are being pushed to provide new functionality that addresses productivity goals. 

Forrester Report: The Multi-Channel Marketing Mandate
Evolve your marketing strategies to keep up with today's customers.
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