Thismoment Wants Brands to Become Content DJs

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To better spin user-generated content (UGC) into gold, content marketer Thismoment has announced its Content Cloud platform for rapidly organizing content into playlists that output as dynamic "cards."

Ankarino Lara, Thismoment's Chief Product Officer and co-founder, told CMSWire that the content on Content Cloud card is sometimes literally viewed as a interactive card, like on Twitter. In other cases, the "card" is more a content container that can be rendered via API in different ways for different formats, such as Facebook, Pinterest or Tumblr.

UGC Requests

"The playlist," he said, "is many cards in a sequence," and the fact that cards can readily be reordered leads Thismoment to say it is creating "brand DJs." The platform is currently in a closed beta trial, and the company expects to open it for general release by May.

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A screenshot from Content Cloud

The playlists can include photos, video or apps, either licensed/owned by the brand or obtained from the huge supply of UGC out on the Web. The platform integrates with existing digital asset management systems and content systems, providing a single view of available material. Thismoment sees content marketing as a fast-turnaround stream in which content can be continually found, requested, approved, sequenced and sent out -- instead of an "output and forget" system.

The company publicly demoed the platform for the first time at the recent South by Southwest Festival in Austin. Sephora.com is currently using the Content Cloud for its Beauty Board to find, select and public UGC. It's also been used by Levi's to promote 501 Jeans and for a Times Square video billboard as part of Bank of America's "Salute the Troops" campaign.

Learning Opportunities

Lara told us the brand can contact UGC owners "through a closed loop confirmation flow" that sends an email or posts a comment requesting use of the UGC for the campaign. The actual language of the agreement the UGC owner is asked to "click here and approve," Lara pointed out, comes from the brand.

Monthly Service Fees

He added that Thismoment is finding "very high approval rates" from content owners, who tend to approve because they can get bragging rights and can help their favored brand succeed.

Lara said Content Cloud's "special sauce" among content marketing platforms includes "taking content from everywhere," making UGC "a massive part" of the content stream, and outputting dynamic cards that "are cognizant of where they are" in how they are displayed.

Each participating brand will be charged a monthly service fee, with the price increasing as the number of users increases.