That's right, stop pasting data into Excel spreadsheets, Dachis says its new Collaborative Reporting will offer more time for decision making.

Your Boss Wants that Report Now

How much time do you spend digging out all your data from social media, and other analytics platforms, just to cut and paste it into fancy spreadsheets or word docs? Probably as much time as you get to spend analyzing that data and making decisions. 

Is there a better solution out there? I'm sure you get nice reports out of your marketing automation software, and definitely from your analytics software, but what about all those social media marketing solutions you implement? Are you happy with those reports?

Dachis Group seems to have an answer to that problem: Collaborative Reporting (of course you need to be using the Dachis Group Social Business Intelligence suite to get it, but that's beside the point). So how does it work?

For starters you can now "clip" a data point you are looking at, for later analysis. When you clip it, you bring all of it's content along with it. These clips are then added to an interactive microsite to which you can invite people to review or contribute. And if someone is looking at something and wants to go back to the original data point, they can do that too.

Get Rid of Superficial Reporting

This process of clipping data into an interactive report process is pretty slick, it certainly saves time. And it does enable multiple people to work on the data at one time, something that is useful when you have a number of people contributing to the information.

Sharing that report out via a presentation or pdf is perfect once you have done all the analysis. 

Check out how it works in the video below:

Acting is as Important as Monitoring

Organizations do a lot of social media monitoring, we know that. But what are they doing with all that data once they have it? Understanding what to do is a big part of the battle of a social business, so having the right tools in place to capture and report on the data leaves time for marketers, and others to think about what it all means and make proper decisions. 

If you use Dachis Group's solutions, then you will like the new collaborative reporting. For the rest of you, ask your vendor what reporting options they offer to make your job a little easier. You can check out some of the social media monitoring tools we've covered to see if your chosen solution has something you are missing.