While no one can predict what 2013 holds for the enterprise, there are some educated guesses to be made and this week we were lucky enough to have some experts weigh in with their vision.

Glimpse into the Future

1. First time contributor Daniel Kraft has a vision and it's a vision he would like to see come true in the imminent future: 2013: Make Work Suck Less. I think this might be a prediction that many can get behind in theory, but are businesses ready to make the commitment?

2013 is the last year to join the new way of working bandwagon. As this unbundling unfolds you will have two options: pay leadership and quality leadership. Translating this to the workplace: you can either provide the most money or the best work environment to your employees. For the last decade we’ve seen that the first option doesn’t work if you ignore the second." Read more 

2. We got another glimpse into 2013 courtesy of contributor Douglas Heise in his 2013 Web Content Management Trends: The Post PC World is Here.

Consumers will continue to place high demands on online publishers for up-to-the-minute, reliable and consistent Web content across any device. To be successful, online publishers will need to stay one step ahead of these expectations or the fickle consumer will go elsewhere. And in a world where both content and context are of crucial importance, the role of WCM will continue to evolve as businesses look for new and innovative ways to monetize their Web presence. Read more

3. Sometimes our contributors get a little creative and that is definitely the case for this last one by regular contributor Edward Smith. Who said software wasn't festive? 'Twas the Night Before DAM Deployment

‘Twas the night before DAM deployment, when across all workstations
Not a process was stirring, not even a daemon.
The installers were downloaded from the servers with care,
In hopes the Pro Service consultant soon would be there. Read more