Influencer marketing technology provider Traackr is launching a new platform designed to deliver actionable insights based upon identifying influential people and content on social media sites.

“We’re enlarging our social marketing capabilities,” Traackr CEO Pierre-Loic Assayag said during a recent phone briefing with CMSWire. “The new platform maps workflows and has a discovery piece. You can learn about influential voices -- enough to turn insight into action.”

The latest version of the Traackr influencer social media marketing platform includes engagement capabilities and reporting tools. “You can click into a person and get a feel for their latest content and what they’re talking about,” Traackr VP of Marketing Evy Wilkins said during the same briefing. “You can enter a topic keyword and get a list of the top influencers, and then refine by more keywords or location down to the state level in the US.”

In addition, Wilkins said metrics allow users to determine an influencer’s reach (size of total audience across social media and blog platforms), resonance (how often their audience retweets, links back, etc.) and relevance (strength of match to search keywords). Users can set filters to either monitor the entire Web for everything everyone mentions related to a certain topic or only track certain key influencers.

Other features include competitive tracking of how rival brands are faring with online influencers, time tracking of comments and granular sentiment reporting to determine who a brand’s biggest supporters and detractors are.

Enhanced features of the new Traackr platform include instant influencer search capability that allows “A-lists” of top influencers to be created almost instantly, integration with Twitter (including posting and replying to tweets) from within the Traackr dashboard, a redesigned UI and real-time access to content published by influencers. 

Influencing the Influencers 

The job of the modern marketer, as described at a session during the October 2012 Revenue-Driven Marketing Leadership Summit in Boston, MA by Alan Belniak, Global Director of Social Media Marketing for manufacturing software provider PTC, is to elevate their brand’s status with the social influencer community -- and to focus on providing thought leadership in that space.

While brands ultimately have less control over influencers than they do over media channels such as brand journalism or paid advertising, Belniak said influencers offer more credibility, because they are seen as more independent.

Belniak advised companies to connect their subject matter experts to influencers. “You need to respond to inquiries from the right people,” he said. “The typical PR response is not sufficient. You need to nurture and maintain the relationship.” By creating relationships with influencers, Belniak said companies can then reach out to the influencers’ networks.  “Take influencers along for the ride while you introduce yourself to new characters,” he said. Belniak cited third-party online influence/measurement services like Traackr and Klout as “highly valuable in helping to determine which influencers are most worth focusing on.” 

Traackr Capitalizes on US$ 1.5M Investment Round 

In October 2012, Traackr received US$ 1.5 million in a round of angel funding from investors including Viant co-founder and Traackr Chairman Robbie Vann-Adibé, as well as what PandoDaily termed “multiple unnamed early Google employees.” According to PandoDaily, Traackr planned to use the funds to “to bolster its technology team and explore new product offerings and markets.” So far Traackr definitely seems to have put the money to good use for expanding its product.