Despite the plethora of social media analytics and intelligence tools in the world, there are only a few that are really worth a closer look. Topsy is one of them. Topsy provides a social search engine and social analytics tool with freemium and premium models. Today, Topsy introduces two new alerting tools designed to analyze billions of social conversations and deliver timely updates about relevant topics, breaking news and emerging trends.

You're the Topsy

At its most basic (read: free) level, Topsy is a one-stop social search engine that lets users better understand the conversations taking place about their brand across social media and compare up to three queries. At its premium level, users can instantly access real-time and multi-year social web data, detect and follow breaking news, as well as analyze their own or competitors’ campaigns and web-sites.


Example of free social search results from Topsy

Stay in the Know

The two new tools, Topsy Alerts and Topsy Reports provide users the ability to monitor all conversations and be proactively alerted with the most important information to their business. With Topsy Alerts, users can receive immediate notification of a change in activity, sentiment or acceleration in any topic before it starts trending.


Example of Topsy Alerts

Learning Opportunities

Topsy Reports, on the other hand, lets users set up regular email digests of particular topics that show summary statistics for the topic, information on relative sentiment between brands, and lists of the top Tweets, links and media. Topsy analyzes all traffic for the report time period and then picks out the top most important and insightful Tweets, news articles and other media to include in the report.


Example of Topsy Social Reports

Knowing is Half the Battle

Together, users have a way to leverage social analytics to meet the needs of their customers while staying one step ahead of trends, relevant topics and engagement taking place about them.

When we talk about the customer experience, part of it is understanding what the customer wants. Many companies will tell you that it’s not always easy to uncover those needs. With Topsy’s tools, it just got easier to access that information -- though, acting on it, is still up to the company.