Socialbakers' Analytics Pro Adds YouTube Support
A few weeks after announcing its product to track Facebook and Twitter campaign performance, Socialbakers adds YouTube support to Analytics Pro.

Cooking with YouTube

Socialbakers' YouTube Analytics can help companies monitor their YouTube content, competitors, influencers and track growth. The YouTube Analytics helps identify how many users are engaged with specific YouTube channels, monitors Like/Dislike rates and growth, amount of time viewed, view rate, subscribers and more.

The company says that its solution is unlike other analytics tools:

Socialbakers' proprietary social analytics platform helps social marketers uncover actionable insights to measure the effectiveness and drive campaign ROI across all major social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+."

Busily Baking

In May 2012, Socialbakers added the ability to measure the daily engagement rate of posts and Facebook pages. To illustrate how the metrics work, Socialbakers released a report that shows average Facebook engagement rate by industry. The report showed the auto industry as being the most engaged on Facebook, followed by alcohol brands.

Of course, Socialbakers isn't the only player in the analytics arena. Polygraph Reports offers data mining and analytics for Facebook. For that matter, Facebook's own marketing features help users analyze engagement.

Learning Opportunities

Socialbakers released statistics to show how its new Youtube Analytics works, which is helpful for users who are comparing all the available social media analytics solutions.


The study showed that the United States landed the top position out of the top 15 countries with the most uploaded video views by YouTube channel. Socialbakers also offers a 14-day free trial for YouTube Analytics.

In our May webinar report, Using Analytics and Customer Data to Build Great Customer Experiences,we looked at the results of a digital marketing survey commissioned byDataXu. The study showed that 30% of respondents lack the right tools(software/technology) to perform analytics on digital marketing data. Looks like the tools may be out there, marketers just need to find and implement them.