The Twitter experience has been evolving for some time now. While it has helped brands engage with their audience in new ways, collecting the insights associated with individual experiences can still be a challenge. Today, Fan Appz, has added new suite of Twitter experiences to its real-time customer feedback platform. The new experiences are designed to make it easier for brands to engage with fans and followers on Twitter while collecting valuable customer feedback they can use to be better marketers.

Driving Twitter Engagement

It’s no secret that Twitter has become a popular platform for users seeking customer support or venting customer experience frustrations. To help, Fan Appz’ new Twitter experiences aim to help brands drive meaningful engagement with their followers when they request, analyze and act-on real-time feedback. Additionally, it also helps to identify the most engaged and influential followers, so that marketers can leverage them for future campaigns.


With the new additions, brands can poll users to solicit product preferences and opinions, employ hashtag games for engagement, and offer rewards to build loyalty and customer lifetime value. By integrating these new experiences into Fan Appz’ signature Consumer Insights Hub, companies can analyze the data for actionable insights to improve the targeting and personalization of all of a brand’s marketing efforts. Brands can also leverage Twitter’s new keyword targeting options by promoting brand-related keywords while giving fans a reason to tweet them.

Turn Insights Into (Social) Actions

As social media engagement becomes a more prominent piece of marketing campaigns, brands are still learning how to make sense of the social analytics. We all know that people can ReTweet without clicking through or can share information without attributing specific mentions to a company, which can make it difficult to understand social ROI or track customer sentiment.

Learning Opportunities

By providing a structured layer on top of Twitter, Fan Appz’ new Twitter experiences can gather a bevy of actionable insights that brands can use to tailor their marketing campaigns via Fan Appz’ Marketing Integration Solutions.

The secret to social media engagement success isn't just about listening - though that's a big part. It's also about knowing how to engage customers after they've spoken so that meaningful actions can be taken and valuable insights can be collected.