One of the most popular tweets in our CXMChat Tweet Jam yesterday went like this: "Data has no value. Action on data has value. Connecting data to action is ROI". Here's the thing. Organizations collect a lot of data. But is it the right data? And what are they doing with it that leads to greater sales and more satisfied customers? A marketer can get lost in the details.

Editor's Note: Storify went down yesterday and we seem to have lost our Storify content. We are hoping this is temporary. If not, we'll rebuild the stories and let you know when the summary is back up.

We did well yesterday to avoid the spambots as long as we did. And for the record, unfortunately, no one who attended is getting an iPad -- or iPhone -- from CMSWire. But we can offer though is a recap of the discussion (or the full Tweet Jam archive if you want it all).

Keeping Up With the Customer Experience

Customer and Web experience strategies are changing all the time. As people have access to more social networks and share more information, the amount of data that can be collected is huge. Add to that all the standard analytics that are captured daily and the mounds of customer information stored in business systems and it's a wonder marketers aren't sure which way to turn.