Twitter Introduces Editorialized Tweets

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Selecting text for a tweet

Twitter is trying to live up to its information network moniker with a feature that allows users to tweet sections of a story instead of just a headline.

A Different Kind of Tweet

At 140 characters Twitter is a site that is often limited in the amount of information its posts can convey. Often tweets are pointed, but bland and don't leave a lot of room for engagement. Twitter's latest feature seeks to change this.

The editorialized tweeting feature, which the New York Times tested last week, enables users to capture a snippet of text from a story that they think might attract readership and post it by using a third-party tool: Save Publishing.

Twitter's Data Editor Simon Rogers says that those who are interested have to add Save Publishing to their browser as a bookmarklet, highlight the text they want to tweet and then click on the bookmark to post. The posted tweet will also include a link to the full article. When clicking on the link, readers are automatically directed to the part that's been tweeted instead of the beginning of the article.

Learning Opportunities

Users should also note that while the feature seems new the idea behind it isn't, as they could have done the same thing before -- just with more steps. Before this users had to copy and paste an interesting sentence from an article and its link into a tweet and then post it. This feature simply takes out the copy and paste step and also adds a quote redirect function.

Content Marketers, Take Note

While editorialized tweeting is a good feature for anyone wants to set their tweets apart from everyone else’s, it will be especially useful for content marketers because it gives them a chance to tweet more than just a headline or the first few lines of an article.

While headlines are still important, some readers may not find them to be the most engaging part of a story,” wrote Rebecca Desfosse. “Editorialized tweets allow content marketers to choose sections of their stories that they believe may resonate with their readers.”

Content marketers can also usethis feature to experiment and see what kind of content gets the most engagement through replies, reads, retweets and favorites. Future tweets can then be tailored around a specific theme based on this feedback. Desfosse also noted that this will improve the marketer-reader relationship.

Choosing a section of the story to tweet gives readers a feeling of ownership in the story,” she wrote. “This will make them feel connected to the story, which can help boost the original content.”

Tweet, Tweet! Read All About It!

Along with editorialized tweets, other newsworthy Twitter notes include the addition of a related headlines feature to provide more context, the acquisition of social data company Trendrr and Twitter University for engineers.

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