Twitter has recently launched two new partnership programs that expand the accessibility and content of its tweets. A deal with social monitoring service Salesforce Radian6 provides Radian6 customers with direct access to Twitter’s “firehose” of 400 million daily tweets, while partnerships with organizations ranging from the New York Times to the WWE gives Twitter users access to expanded content such as images and videos, without having to leave their Twitter accounts.

Twitter Sprays Salesforce Radian6 Users

Users of the Salesforce Radian6 platform, which is designed to provide social media listening, analysis and engagement functionality, will now have access to Twitter’s public tweet firehose, consisting of an estimated 400 million postings per day. Both companies say the partnership will provide Radian6 users with heightened and timelier social media listening, engagement and analytical capabilities. Twitter and first formed a partnership in March 2009, allowing users to leverage information passing through Twitter. purchased Radian6 in March 2011.

Expanding Tweet Consciousness

Tweets are undergoing a bit of what could be termed “consciousness expansion” as a result of new partnerships with numerous media and entertainment brands. Within tweets from participating content providers there will be previews of expanded content, such as headlines and introductions to news pieces. In addition, photos and videos will be available directly within tweets.

Expanded tweets are currently available on and, and are expected to soon become available on Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android.




Getting the Most out of Tweets

Restricted to 140 characters and generally having less functionality than postings on other social networking sites such as Facebook, tweets are popular but seen by many in the business world as a less robust form of social media communication. Twitter is aiming to change that perception, both with these two new extensions of tweet accessibility and capability, and with other recent activity. 

For example, earlier this week, Twitter began setting up hashtags specifically for events. On Sunday, the company ran its first TV commercial as part of its first-ever official sports partnership. The commercial concluded with, which took some observers by surprise. is the more expected form, which would lead to the profile page for NASCAR. NASCAR has no control over the comments at that hashtag, making it event-oriented around that race and not brand-oriented. Twitter explained the distinction in an email sent to news media.

Using curation and algorithms, Twitter staff and software select the best tweets to run as part of event hashtag tweet feeds. The Twitter hashtag in general has been compared to the use of AOL keywords in long-gone advertising, and to today’s use of a Facebook URL.

In addition, in January 2012, Twitter acquired social news aggregation service Summify, with plans to use Summify technology to make individual tweets feeds more streamlined and personally meaningful.