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To help its users keep track of their most memorable moments and to gain more followers, Twitter has launched a new engagement tool: #FollowMe.

A Twitter Highlight Reel

Trying to keep track of important tweets can sometimes be tough, especially if an account has thousands and thousands of posts.

With #FollowMe, which was made possible through a partnership with Vizify, a company that monitors social media activity, users will be able to showcase their best tweets, photos and Vine videos through a short, 30 second video set to music.

You’ll find out if you’re a nightowl or an early bird, discover your most engaged followers, and feature your most popular Tweets,” wrote Twitter's Managing Editor, James Buckhouse.

To create a #Followme highlight reel, users merely have to sign in to Vizify through Twitter. In a manner of minutes the tool will be able to access all of a user's posts and choose the most relevant and engaging content to include.

Once the video is finished users can choose to add the video to their Twitter profile by clicking the 'Add to my Twitter bio' option. The video can also be updated at any time to reflect new tweets or edited if there’s content a user wants or doesn't want to include.

To Follow or Not to Follow

As a whole, #FollowMe is designed to improve engagement levels and show potential followers why they should be following a particular account and what this user has to offer their followers.

The #FollowMe rollout won't guarantee any additional popularity in the Twittersphere, but it should at least make for a stronger sales pitch,” wrote Jon Fingas.

This will prove to be especially useful for companies and brands, both small and large, looking to expand their customer base and follower list.

It’s free and something that brands can likely use to quickly show how they act and interact on Twitter and grow their followings,” wrote Matt McGee.

The Birds are Tweeting with Updates

Over the past few months there have been few other updates to Twitter that can potentially benefit marketers. The microblogging network has introduced a new Tweet card: Lead Generation, made the Twitter Timeline Activity analytics tool free to use and updated its security features.