Twitter's Timeline Activity feature has become free-to-view, sneaking out into the limelight, presumably to get more people advertising on Twitter. Now any user can see the activity around their tweets and follower activity. 

Check Out Those Numbers

If you want to see the basic activity around your company (or personal) Twitter account without the need for an analytics service,  you can do it now, for free, in seconds. Go to and enter your account name and password, then click on Analytics and Timeline activity from the top menu. 

Spread out on your browser and the number of mentions, follows and unfollowers (although this information starts out at zero), plus a list of your tweets and the twitterverse's activity surrounding them. You can break these down into Best, Good and All. You can also see how many times a link has been clicked and there's the option to download the data as a .CSV.

If you're underwhelmed by the amount of activity on the account, it could inspire you to up your tweeting volume, or their quality. While those who see plenty of activity could be inspired to up their marketing activity or try Twitter's advertising services. 

Learning Opportunities

Tweeting to the Converted

Most major accounts will already be likely tied in to some form of analytics, with many more features, colorful chars and so on. But, for the rest of us this service provides an easy to digest glimpse at what the world thinks of our tweets and links.


If there's a banner message saying your account is under review, you can still check out the analytics page, and if you want to use Twitter to advertise, you can set up campaigns, but can't run them until the review process is complete. 

This and Twitter's recent update of Tweetdeck plus a new lead generation card are an increasing sign of the company's move toward monetization, but note that the adverts are only available for U.S. users at the current time.