The social media monitoring marketplace has been growing steadily. With so many tools available to help companies manage social media, it’s not always clear what can add value to the process. This week SocialVolt and Bottlenose have unveiled updates that are sure to help set their social media management platforms apart from the competition.

For SocialVolt and Bottlenose, their updates focus on making it easier for users to monitor conversations and gather insights relevant to their brands and messaging. 

Flipping Channels

For SocialVolt, they added Channels to its social media management system (SMMS). Channels combines listening, publishing, moderation and risk management features in one all-encompassing solution and aims to empower users to thoroughly monitor brand conversations across social networks.


Monitoring the chatter around one’s brand is no easy task, so it’s particularly helpful that with Channels, users can monitor a number of networks, including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube and millions of blogs, while being able toengage immediately as needed. As well, users will be able to follow conversations about their brands and competitors by creating tags so they can track their voice across social media.

With it, Channels also brings a new sentiment engine that monitors the sentiment of relevant social conversations. Based on a series of scientific algorithms, all posts are immediately classified as positive, neutral, or negative, making it easy for users to gauge brand sentiment in real-time.

Bottlenose 2.0

At Bottlenose, they have released version 2.0 of their social media monitoring dashboard. When we last introduced Bottlenose, it was in private beta and we were impressed by how it organizes data to show at-a-glance what is important and what is trending relevant to one’s brand.

Learning Opportunities

The newest version has significantly improved Bottlenose’s core technology, called Sonar, so that users are presented with an enhanced visual browsing experience. Users are presented with personalized, relevant tags in a graphic layout that shows those most important and relevant to your brand.


Bottlenose 2.0 also lets users consume pictures, video and read articles in-line within your streams, providing more author and message context so that it’s easier to view author data inline, threaded conversations and biographical information.

It's What They Say, Not Where They Say It

Both of the updates to these tools not only help brand and community managers better monitor engagement, but indicate a growing need to do so. Social media monitoring is evolving into engagement management, further emphasizing that it’s more about content, context and conversations than it is about where it all takes place. As social media networks expand and users spread out across them, it’s harder to be everywhere at once. Thanks to SocialVolt and Bottlenose, companies are well-equipped to keep their finger on the pulse of their customers’ activity.