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UpSync has released version 3.0 of its cloud-based software, with new tools for creating mobile presentations, managing content and delivering HTML5 apps.

The application provides a sales mobility solution that is intended to increase customer engagement and close sales. It provides tools so that sales reps can increase productivity and present to customers, such as quickly customizing multimedia presentations on a mobile device -- on the fly.

Quick Search

UpSync also offers a cloud-based content library, tracking metrics to determine which content and tools work best, mobile business apps for obtaining business intelligence, and methods for ensuring compliance and message consistency.

The platform is designed with a library of HMTL5-based pre-existing functionality, so that a company’s developers can rapidly build custom apps for specific reps’ needs. UpSync said possible apps include ones to collect business data from the field, present instant analytics to customers, create price quotes on-the-spot, or integrate with a customer relationship management system.

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One of the new features in 3.0 is a Quick Search functionality for quickly finding assets by keyword, and for retrieving content from SharePoint. UpSync Vice President Gary Galusha said in a statement that the Quick Search feature “allows organizations to easily extend the value of their legacy content and collaboration system investments in support of mobile employees.”

Favorites, Slide Creation Templates

Another new feature is a Favorites tag, so that users can quickly access their most frequently used content assets. Enhanced content management and analytics offers sharing and reporting via a single click, and a “What’s New” panel appears every time users sync up with the server, presenting a navigable list of content that is new or changed.

New slide creation template features have also been added, which are intended to increase reps’ ability to personalize presentations. PowerPoint presentations can be converted to UpSync slide shows, and content already resident in SharePoint, DropBox or enterprise servers can be bulk uploaded.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, UpSync developed its application in 2009 as business mobility trends continued to grow. The company said that its platform is now deployed to over 3500 reps on four continents.