Verivo, Site24x7 Enhancements Address the Mobile Customer Experience

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Mobile users, have your heard the bad news? According to the HTTP Archive, which gathers stats on the top million sites in the world (as ranked by Alexa), the average web page has surpassed the 1 MB mark. Mobile users in particular are going to be hard hit, whether in roaming charges or sanity, and many minutes (and dollars) will be lost browsing, downloading and otherwise trying to navigate websites from mobile devices.

It was only last week during our Tweet Jam that we learned companies need to wake up and get their mobile strategy aligned with their customer strategy (assuming they have one). Joshua Bixby, blogger at Web Performance Today reiterated the opinions of our tweet jam participants when he wrote: 

...building a mobile-specific site isn’t the answer. One-third of a site’s visitors will choose to visit the full site if given the option between the two. That’s because people want the same breadth and depth of content and a consistent user experience, no matter what device they use. Site owners who can deliver a fast, reliable, cross-platform user experience are going to be the ones who own the web of the not-so-distant future."

But not all hope has been lost. This week alone, two companies announced solutions that help companies create a better mobile experience. 

Verivo Integrates HTML5 into the Mobile App Experience

The folks at Verivo Software announced significant enhancements to its enterprise mobility platform, including integrated support for HTML5 via the software’s new Browser Control.  Customers can further harness the platform’s ability to rapidly create, update and manage customized mobile apps that integrate with back-end enterprise systems, while allowing web developers to design mobile apps using the popular HTML5 standard.

As you may recall, Verivo boasts an enterprise mobility platform that empowers organizations to build apps five times faster, deploy apps simultaneously across multiple devices, and manage and update apps in seconds -- easily and securely. 

With the new Browser Control, developers can incorporate HTML5 content and JavaScript into native and hybrid apps built on Verivo’s platform. And because HTML5 content and output are treated exactly the same as native components, web developers can immediately begin contributing to enterprise mobile app development and existing HTML5 dynamic content can be leveraged and included in mobile apps alongside native components.

With HTML5 integrated in the software companies can optimize mobile channels effectively, while gaining unprecedented flexibility and speed for mobile app development. As we know, companies who haven’t yet made mobile a priority (that's 26.6 percent of you, by the way) need to make up for lost time as quickly as possible.

Learning Opportunities

Mobile Monitoring, 24x7

Once you’ve optimized your web presence, how do you intend to measure and evolve the experience, day and night? Site24x7, a leading website and web application monitoring service from Zoho, announced a Site24x7 app for Android.

The free app allows users to connect to Site24x7 anytime, anywhere and view critical metrics such as availability status, Root Cause Analysis reports, outage reports, SLAs and much more. Users can even opt-in for instant alerts via push notification, ensuring website administrators and developers know immediately when a website or server goes down.


Both of these mobile-centric releases speak to the growing need for companies to stop putting mobile first, and start making the customer experience seamless no matter where the customer goes.