Mobility, Intelligence & Engagement: 3 Companies to Watch

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The truth is there are so many interesting applications, solutions and platforms designed to improve productivity and innovate how we work within the enterprise, we can’t possibly cover them all. However, we can try. Today, we bring you a few companies and their solutions that caught our attention.


Who they are: In January 2012, Verivo was launched by Pyxis Mobile. Verivo leverages Pyxis Mobile’s assets and technology, along with its new and expanded business model, product line and management team to empower companies to build, deploy and manage apps quickly and easily to meet today’s market demands.

What they do: Verivo's enterprise mobility software allows customers to centrally build apps five times faster, deploy simultaneously across multiple devices and make changes across all devices simultaneously. Additionally, Verivo allows customers to own their mobile initiatives, rather than having to rely on a third party to build their apps.

Demo: Build, Deploy & Manage Native Mobile Apps from Verivo Software on Vimeo.

Building a mobile app from scratch on the Verivo platform from Verivo Software on Vimeo.

Why we care: The ongoing debate between browser and native apps provides lots of food for thought, but very few clear answers. Coupled with new smartphones and additional mobile devices entering the workplace on a regular basis, it’s becoming considerably more important for the enterprise to be more aware than ever about how to deliver their business solutions.

Employees and customers need consistent access to company data and solutions, but designing a mobile application from scratch can be challenging. If you want to design a mobile application for iPhone, Blackberry and Android, all without writing extraneous lines of code, Verivo provides a versatile solution.

SAVO Group

Who they are: Founded in 1999, the SAVO Group is a leading provider of cloud-based sales enablement technology and consulting solutions. Their on-demand sales enablement platform aims to maximize the way organizations communicate value and differentiation in clear, consistent and compelling ways.

What they do: SAVO helps companies harness the power of social collaboration, mobility and analytics to increase or meet their revenue initiatives.

Recent updates include the availability of a new SaaS sales enablement solution targeted at midsized companies, that aligns sales execution and key growth initiatives through a series of templates designed to help ramp and retain employees, streamline new product launches, advance channel enablement and improve overall sales collaboration. As well, Savo Mobile fosters social collaboration from wherever you are on any device.

Why we care: You can’t ignore that sales makes up a big part of what companies do. Subsequently, it’s just as important to have access to the right information that can help you work more productively whether you’re in the office or on the road. And salespeople are on the road a lot.

Learning Opportunities

Thanks to Savo Group’s mobile and channel enablement solutions, companies can adequately provide their employees with the information they need to close deals and make money.


Who they are: Baynote is a leading provider of personalized customer experience solutions for multi-channel retailers. Retailers can understand buyer intent “in the moment” across the shopping experience to deliver compelling offers, content and product recommendations that increase engagement, conversion and average order value.

Baynote integrates with existing websites, onsite search, chat or email systems in an effort to increase ROI without deep IT involvement or expensive system upgrades.

What they do: With Baynote, ecommerce executives can give consumers what they want, when they want it. Baynote provides dynamic personalization that understands and acts on real-time buyer intent across customer touchpoints, including landing pages, product and content recommendations, search, email, chat, offers, social, mobile and more.

Why we care: Knowing what customers want is only part of the strategy. Companies must be able to deliver as well.

With Baynote, brands can automatically identify and recommend the most useful products and content for each customer, at the right moment for maximum engagement and conversion, across all digital touch points.

Companies can better understand buyer intent and engage with consumers more effectively by offering the most relevant products and content as interactions are occurring -- across chat, social, email, mobile and landing pages.