Video Dominates 2012, Looks to Grow in the Year Ahead.

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In that last 12 months, online videos have had 182 million views. According to Sunday Sky’s 2012 State of Online Video Research Report, online video made up 56% of consumer web traffic in 2012, up from 51% in 2011 -- but it hasn’t just been Psy’s Gangnam Style.

A Year of Video

It makes sense that 2012 would be a good year for online video -- the US held a presidential election and London held the first online Olympics. But the types of video that showed the most growth were those that were personally relevant to the viewer.


It’s not just waiting for viewers to find your video, though. Delivering video has evolved as well. Marketers have learned that incorporating video content into email marketing greatly increases the likelihood of email opens. Additionally, when the video is personally relevant to the recipient  -- such as a bill, statement or account status -- open rates jump to 40-60 percent.

Of course, most videos include advertisements. Video ads have become the most popular rich media format for ad buyers. And while advertisers are recognizing the return on online video advertising, Forrester predicts online video advertising will grow from US$ 2.9 billion in 2012, to US$ 9 billion by 2017.

Social & Mobile Boost Video Consumption

Email marketing and video ads aside, social media has been a great asset to online video. Sunday Sky reports that social video is impacting how video is shared and viewed. Social video views peaked in the first quarter of 2012 at US$ 1.3 billion in spending, due to shared Super Bowl video ads. Months later, social video consumption also increased during the Presidential Election campaign, when 62% of registered voters viewed political videos because they were recommended by their social networks.

Learning Opportunities

And let’s not forget mobile -- mobile video is racing into the top five video advertising alternatives. And it’s likely to keep growing. SundaySky says that we will continue to see an increase in mobile video ads as we see more consumers shopping and spending via mobile and tablet devices. After all, these devices delivered US$ 21 billion of mobile commerce sales in 2012, accounting for about 9.2% of all e-commerce sales this year.


Online retailers -- who are among the primary drivers of online advertising revenue -- will be sure to benefit from video. Many top brands will likely be increasing media spending on video ads, as well as enriching their on-site experiences for visitors with branded video content and product-focused videos. Put this all together, and it means that 2013 will deliver more video and in many different forms.

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