Defining your online identity has never been more important and Vizibility has the tools to help you prioritize what others can find out about you when they Google you or your company.

What Lies Beneath

For any person or company who has been online for more than a few years, Google searches can dig up a host of strange, quirky or unwanted items from the past. Vizibility is a Google-powered tool that enables the user to sanitize what comes up about you on Google.

So, while your carefree youth might not bother you, when it comes to getting a job, recruiters could quickly discount you on the basis of a quick search. Similarly, if your company has moved on from an old product line, it could still get inundated with queries about it, diverting resources from current projects.

Guard Your Google

Viziblity offers a suite of tools to help get around these problems, at both the personal and corporate level. The package offers a PreSearch Wizard that helps you create an acceptable profile that can be viewed by others. You can link to it with a SearchMe Button and Link that can be dropped in your own sites to save people having to search for you the hard way.

Companies can also have a QR code set up to make it easier for clients to find them via mobiles while you can have alerts when people search for you on social media or in Google. As a final resort, you can pay for your own Google name to ensure that your preferred search comes up in the results page whenever people search for you.

Now Available: Mobile Toolkit

New additions to the package also help those who do a lot of work on their mobile. Through the company's social network connection pre-authorization, users can easily embed their social graphs into Vizibility QR codes, for use on business cards, resumes, company literature and so on. 

When scanned, not only do people see your preferred results, but users can monitor the number of visits, access and so on. At the same time, there's a business management tool to curate, organize and share online identities for all their workers.