Web Quality Management Meets Digital Governance in ActiveStandards' WelchmanPierpoint Buy
More than one year after a rebranding strategy, Web Quality Management (WQM) provider ActiveStandards of London has scooped up an enterprise digital governance consultancy.

Today it announced in a blog post it acquired Baltimore-based WelchmanPierpoint and will tap its founding partner, Lisa Welchman, to head the new professional services division as President of Enterprise Digital Governance Solutions.

Website Optimization

Simon Lande, CEO of ActiveStandards, when asked what makes his company unique through the acquisition, called the marriage a "unique blend of a powerful technology platform for optimizing Website quality and brand consistency."

ActiveStandards, he said, aligned with the organizational consultancy expertise of WelchmanPierpoint, provides "a complete solution to the digital governance challenges faced by organizations with a complex Web presence. As far as we are aware, this is a unique combination."

In September of 2012, it was Magus that announced that it rebranded and renamed the company to reflect the growing use and interest in its principal product ActiveStandards.

ActiveStandards claims primary customers as large corporations, government organizations and non-profits typically with complex multi-site, multi-editor, multi-platform Web operations. Examples include: Shell, Unilever, CSC, Houses of Parliament, Chevron, HP and Canon.

"Such environments, and with constantly changing technologies, present immense challenges in ensuring the web presence is optimized, delivers an outstanding customer experience, and is aligned with the organization's goals," Lande told CMSWire in an interview today.

Addressing these issues, he said, is a critical area of concern for organizations. Today's acquisition provides, he added, a complete solution to these challenges, aimed at streamlining and optimizing digital development.

Why WelchmanPierpoint?

So what attracted ActiveStandards to this particular consultant?

The consulting capability is complementary to its operational capability, Lande said.

"WelchmanPierpoint has a well-established proven methodology for designing customized 'Digital Governance Frameworks' for the enterprise," he added. "This complements ActiveStandards which provides a complete operational framework for managing website quality and compliance."

WelchmanPierpoint has an "unparalleled reputation in this field."

Lisa Welchman, Lande said, has "essentially defined the field of web governance and is acknowledged as both a pioneer, and the world's leading exponent, in this field."

What's Next?

ActiveStandards doesn't see itself keeping quiet in this space. Lande said today's news is part of a larger plan.

"We will have further announcements in due course about new solution offerings, following the acquisition," he told CMSWire. "We continue to explore options with organizations that have additional complementary expertise, although at present we have no immediate acquisitions in the pipeline."