Digital intelligence company Webtrends has updated its Webtrends Streams solution to help marketers improve customer engagement and ROI.

The Streaming Solution

This update comes soon after the December launch of Webtrends Streams, an analytics data solution that streams customer data in real-time. More specifically, the tool collects and imports data into an analytics stream or chart -- instead of just supplying marketers with numbers.

The data can be honed to be more general and specific, depending on the needs of the marketer. Webtrends Streams also has a push API capability that allows users to stream data across a variety of platforms, including internal or third party applications, as well as a big data platform.

The New Players in the Game

Despite being only a month old, Webtrends is already adding certain features to Webtrends Streams to improve it’s overall customer engagement, conversion and ROI rates. These features are:

  • Session Streams: With this feature, users can access information about a customer while they are still on a website. For example, marketers will be able to see products a customer has viewed, purchases they've made and products they've removed from their cart. Overall, information gathered from session streams can help marketers better predict consumer behavior, while they are still browsing items.
  • Full-Session Scoring: Along with providing information to marketers about a customer’s current activity, they will also get a complete picture of what a customer is looking for. Webtrends found that in the past most customer engagement was based on historical data, not what was happening in a single visit.

    In combining Sessions Streams with Webtrends Optimize, a tool that allows marketers to test, segment and target content on their site, companies will have a chance to use use “content-targeting” to improve sales. For example, if a customer only has two items in their cart and it appears they won’t buy more than five, marketers could offer them a coupon for buying four items and getting one free. This offer would not only cater to customer’s current behavior, but help improve company revenue.

  • Responsys Integration: Responsys is a package solution that allows marketers to launch immediate or time-sensitive marketing campaigns that are based on a customer’ current behavior. For example, if a customer appears to be browsing, but not purchasing anything, marketers could use this as a promotional tool and offer customers a deal through email, social media and SMS.


An example of Webtrends Streams data 

Session Streams will be launched in April, with Responsys Integration and Full-Session Scoring expected by the end of the company’s second quarter.

Webtrends Here and Webtrends There

This launch and subsequent update isn't the only product news for Webtrends over the last few months. During the latter half of 2012, two new releases included Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint 2013 and an integration of Webtrends Analytics with HootSuite to improve social media metrics.