This week we continued our exploration of customer journeys and took a look at making the most of our customer data. Over in social business we talked narrative building, while in information management we went over the ways to build confidence in your SharePoint governance strategy. And remember, Memorial Day weekend means more time to read!

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It's no doubt that happy customers will remain loyal but unhappy customers will quickly look elsewhere. A large number of marketers are turning to Customer Journey mapping in order to keep their customers happy, but as with any marketing technique things can go awry. Loni Kao Stark (@lonistark) tells us how this can happen in her article Customer Journeys: What Can Go Awry on the Path to Making Customers Happy.

In this endeavor, arriving at success versus disillusionment depends a lot on your approach. Here are two critical things to remember as you embark on your own odyssey in search of providing the ultimate customer experience."

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When done well, a narrative can be an effective tool but Deb Lavoy (@deb_lavoy) puts it simply -- post rationalized narratives stink. Take a look at her article Building Your Narrative or Why Post Rationalized Narratives Stink to find out why.

Too many organizations build narratives the same way. They have a series of existing concepts, constraints and phrases -- maybe they've been in use for years. Maybe they are pets of executives, analysts or customers. The stories my daughter and I come up with are about as cohesive and useful as your post-rationalized narrative. They both stink, but at least my daughter and I get a laugh."

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SharePoint governance may be critical to the success of the platform but unfortunately most don't believe they actually have a good strategy. So how can you build confidence in your governance strategy? Christian Buckley (@buckleyplanet) provides Four Ways to Build Confidence in Your SharePoint Governance Strategy in his article. 

... your business needs to build this level of trust and confidence into a SharePoint governance strategy. How? While there is no easy button, here are four principles that helped grow confidence in building PMOs and which can be applied to a governance strategy"

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