Weekend Reads: Content Strategy with Content Governance + Defining Social Business
Another month has come to a close. The holiday season -- and all the rushing around that comes with it -- will soon be upon us. So while you are still able to relax, why not take some time for yourself to catch up on our featured articles? This week, we talked about what a strong content governance plan provides content strategy. We took another look at defining social business and found out about the potential the Internet of Things has for collaboration.

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There`s no doubt that life is full of systems. Whether they keep you organized or help you get through the day, systems are put in place to make our lives easier, and content governance can provide that same structure to a content strategy. So what does a successful content strategy system look like? Find out in Ahava Leibtag's latest -- Content Strategy: Let's Talk about Content Governance.

Think about some of the systems you have in place in your own life -- you probably don’t think of most of them as “systems.” For example -- dental care. You brush your teeth twice a day, floss once a day and visit the dentist twice a year. Why? Because dentists have done an excellent job of educating people about oral hygiene. Content governance provides content creators the same structure and guidelines, to help with consistent messaging."

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Top Social Business Article

Multiple facets make up a social business -- even if most people, including those whose role is solely based on social business, seem to be lumping them all together. So how do we define social business, and why do we still need to? Megan Murray explains in her recent article: Do We Still Need to Define Social Business? 

Let me preface this by saying I've had strong feelings about the terminology since the Dachis Group crafted the term to encompass anything that had to do with connecting humans for the purpose of doing business online. What bugged me about it then still bugs me about it now. In our drive to make something so simple that anyone can get it, nobody gets it -- for years and years."

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Top Information Management Article

There are positive and negative aspects to the Internet of Things but one wonders whether the pros outweigh the cons. David Coleman examines this emerging trend in Collaboration and the Internet of Things.

But the IoT is not really about my collection of connected devices, it is more about our ability to put sensors in everything, and make them (more) intelligent or “smart” devices. Is this necessarily a good idea? If this sounds like futuristic science fiction realize that the IoT already exists and can be affecting you personally on a daily basis."

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