Another day, more Big Data. How are you harnessing the big data in your organization? Are you finding that you’re able to extract power from it, or does it have power over you?

Drowning or Rising Above

These are the same questions uSamp asked when it sought to collect and derive meaningful actions from more than one billion profile attributes and demographics from its worldwide audience of 12 million. 

This information can easily overwhelm, but for uSamp, these data points are merely the impetus for helping companies drive innovation and make informed business decisions about their products and services. This database of actionable data can provide the means to carryout precision targeting, real-time or in-the-moment insights and survey content curated to respondent affinities. For uSamp, the customer intelligence derived from such actionable data will likely help companies identify markets and customers, measure brand loyalty and pinpoint new trends.


What Separates Their Big Data From Yours?

Of course, big data doesn't come from just one source, but rather from a multitude of sources, which makes it much more difficult to collect, manage and derive meaningful actions from it. uSamp’s one billion data points are comprised of the market intelligence that they have gathered about consumer behavior, purchasing patterns and brand affinity across numerous industries like auto, tech, gaming, health and beauty, entertainment and travel, among others.

What makes uSamp’s a billion touch points different from yours? They have an advanced and robust infrastructure in place from which to aggregate the data. With their dynamic profiling engines, uSamp is able to customize questions to participants based on existing data points, enabling them to gather richer, deeper profiles, which can be summoned upon request.

Having a lot of data isn't impressive or particularly difficult to do. However, being able to collect a lot of data that provides meaning to your company and impacts the decisions you make is.