Out with a new version of its Enterprise multi-channel publishing system is WoodWing. This time around it's featuring a deeper integration with its digital asset management solution, Elvis. 

The latest Enterprise supports the soon-to-be-released Elvis 4.0, and the DAM interface can be utilized within Enterprise's editorial management application, Content Station. Version 8.2 also allows for an easier integration of Excel-based structured information into Adobe InDesign layouts, and offers a user interface that has been revised to increase productivity.

Integration with Adobe DPS

Erik Schut, WoodWing President, said in a statement that there has been a, “continuously increasing interest of corporate publishers to create and collaborate on documents,” and added that the enhanced integration of Excel files into the Enterprise workflow helps to address those needs.

Enterprise is designed to output publishing from a single interface to a variety of channels, including Web, social media and apps for smartphones and tablets. The editorial management application, Content Station, is the visible part, and is available in either a desktop or a Web version.

woodwing-pr-excel-integration_indesign aa.png

Learning Opportunities

The system is built on the Enterprise Server. It handles the workflow, access rights, versioning, secure storage and publishing process to channels, and it can integrate with other external systems. The workflow is based around Adobe InDesign and InCopy. WoodWing has been working closely with Adobe, regularly announcing integrations and add-ons for the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite since the integration between Adobe DPS and Enterprise was first announced in 2011. In October of last year, for instance, WoodWing announced SmartDPS, which added design functionalities to InDesign.

Version Control, Usability

In 8.2, Excel files can be managed inside an article’s dossier in Enterprise’s Content Station, and then the data can be placed into any InDesign layout with drag-and-drop. There is also more extensive version control, dedicated workflow rules and granular access rights for Excel files. Tables in InDesign can also be readily updated when the source file has been changed, and can be styled using either InDesign or WoodWing’s automated Smart Styles plug-in.

Usability improvements in the new edition include the addition of keyboard shortcuts, such as for the zoom feature in the publication view, and the listing of shortcuts in the newly added menu bar in the desktop and Web client.