Given the proliferation of content marketing, it can be hard to find reliable non-vendor educational content on a specific subject. For David Diamond at digital asset management (DAM) vendor Picturepark, the answer – at least for digital asset management (DAM) education – lies in a hashtag.

Diamond, director of global marketing for Aarau, Switzerland-based Picturepark, told CMSWire his company’s interests and non-vendor DAM-based content are linked. “The big issue,” he said, “is that it is far too difficult to sell DAM software because customers need to be educated on the subject,” yet it is difficult for them to find neutral materials.

‘Google Owns Everything’

“If we can front-load education” about DAM, he said, “by the time we go in with sales, buyers know what we’re talking about.” But the problem of impartial education is not solved by a Google search, Diamond said, because DAM vendors, who “have realize that Google owns everything,” will rank higher. This is compounded by the fact that the “content marketing bandwagon is generating crap.”

To advance the aim of providing accurate materials on DAM, Picturepark developed the #LearnDAM initiative. The idea is that those interested in the subject can more readily find and share materials that are not embedded with “commercial agendas.” Although Picturepark is launching the project, Diamond said his hope is that #LearnDAM will become widely used and self-policed by the DAM community in the interests of maintaining a commercial-free zone of information.

“The community could shame people using it for commercial purposes out of doing that,” Diamond said.

Website, Tumblr, Twitter

#LearnDAM content will initially reside in three locations. LearnDAM.com, Diamond said, is the “jumping off point” that offers stable links to content and benefits from search engine results.A Tumblr blog with a scrolling feed of DAM links is “constantly evolving” and doesn’t require an account to view, and @LearnDAM will tweet ongoing announcements of new content and events.

With content marketing and other kinds of native ads becoming widespread, could this strategy – a vendor-launched but vendor-neutral content zone that is intended to become community property – work in other subjects that could benefit from neutral evaluation and information?

Learning Opportunities

Diamond said he hopes so. “If this concept of a search tag with self-policing works” for the DAM community, he said, it could break help to break impartial content away from content marketing.

So What are People Saying?

CMSWire wanted to see what kind of reactions the #LearnDam initiative is generating. Here are a few of the comments we found on Twitter:

On Tumblr, the hashtag generated posts about "Opportunities And Threats For DAM In The Era Of Data Kidnapping" and the "Dam Guru Program."

What do you think about this initiative? And what do you want to learn about DAM?

Title image adapted from Stanislav Tiplyashin (Shutterstock).