DAM Lowdown: NetXposure's Keyword Helper, Woodwing's Enterprise Upgrade, Dr. Berners-Lee on DRM

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The DAM week has gone by already. In recent digital asset management news: NetXposure’s Keyword helper, findability, Elvis and Woodwing’s Enterprise, DRM and Dr. Berners-Lee and Zoom 4.0 from evolphin. 

Finding ‘Hidden Gem Assets’

DAM vendor NetXposure has added a new feature it calls Keyword Auto Suggest. Start typing into the search engine, and Auto Suggest looks at the metadata and then makes keyword suggestions.


The results, according to the company, are fewer spelling errors, faster searching, and the possibility that you might discover some “hidden gem assets.”


Speaking of findability, Ralph Windsor over at DAM News has “An Introduction to DAM Findability Techniques.” The central premise: “the quality of metadata you apply to assets dramatically affects the chances of them being found and subsequently used,” which, in turn, has a major impact on your ROI.

Learning Opportunities

Elvis and the Enterprise

Elvis is going deeper into Enterprise. No, it’s not Star Trek time-skipping back to early rock n’ roll. It’s the newest version of WoodWing’s multi-channel Enterprise publishing system, which now features even closer integration with the company’s DAM solution, Elvis.

DRM? Say It Ain’t So, Dr. Berners-Lee

HTML5 is so hot, it sizzles. But, in addition to its many new and growing capabilities, should it have digital rights management (DRM) features? According to Cory Doctorow in The Guardian, the answer is a resounding “no” -- for all the reasons behind the idea that an open Net is the best approach. Interestingly, Doctorow's argument for an open, non-DRM HTML is addressed to none other than Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the Web, but who recently suggested that he’d be open to DRM usage restrictions in HTML.

evolphin Launches Zoom 4.0

evolphin Software, a Creative Process Management vendor with no caps in its brand name, has announced its Zoom 4.0 DAM platform for automating project workflow. The company said 4.0 is the first DAM product “to integrate digital asset versioning and workflow management into a highly automated, end-to-end content-creation platform.” It also features client-side de-duplication, or copy removal, which evolphin said can reduce storage and bandwidth requirements by as much as half.

Rahul Bhargava, founder and CTO of evolphin, told news media that the company set out with Zoom 4.0 to “bring unprecedented automation to the digital-asset supply chain,” so that enterprise content creators and producers could have a seamless workflow “that lets them focus on content rather than laboring over processes.”