DAM Lowdown: PublishingNOW Updates, The Pro & Cons of Open Source DAM

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It’s been a DAM stormy week, at least for some of us on the East Coast. Nevertheless, in digital asset management news: PublishingNOW updates, StrongBox gets together with eMAM, VYRE’s Brand goes 2.4, and open source systems and video assets attract some tips. 

New Version of PublishingNOW!

There’s a new version of PublishingNOW!, the editorial management solution that was integrated a year ago with ADAM Software’s enterprise-level DAM system. ADAM CEO Pieter Casneuf said in a statement that the combination had “raised the bar by integrating DAM and editorial management software for the first time.”

Added features in the new release include tools to separate planning streams for digital publishing, video management integration and such core technical developments as semantic indexing.

StrongBox with eMAM

DAM is a necessity to the media and entertainment industry, but so is archiving those assets. Data archive solution provider Crossroads Systems has recently announced a partnership with Empress Media Asset Management to provide a joint solution. Under the partnership, Crossroads’ StrongBox archive solution, designed as shared storage for data archiving and preservation, is now integrated with Empress’ eMAM, a Web-based platform for media asset management (MAM).

The companies said that, by combining StrongBox with eMAM, organizations can achieve cost savings in their MAM systems by utilizing StrongBox’s Linear Tape File System technology, which functions as if it were more expensive disk-based storage.

Learning Opportunities

How to Handle Video

Speaking of the media and entertainment industry, what are some key considerations for handling video within an enterprise DAM environment? CMSWire Contributor, Tom Padilla, offered some advice this past week.

VYRE’s Brand 2.4

VYRE is out with Brand 2.4, providing advanced reporting and enhanced support for tablets and mobile devices using HTML5 video. The newest version of the Software-as-a-Service brand asset management solution also features user interface enhancements, improvements to the help guide, and a streamlined Creative Workflow.

Open Source = Recipe

Open source DAM software is like a cake recipe, while a proprietary system is akin to a cake purchased from a bakery. That culinary analogy is found in an essay about the pros and cons of an open source DAM system, presented on CMSWire.com by Edward Smith.