Vyre has announced the launch of On Brand 2.4, the newest version of their Brand Asset Management (BAM) Solution.  This updated version of On Brand, which started as a tool used to help users manage digital content on mobile devices, has a variety of new features designed to make the SaaS based system more efficient and easier to use.

Vyre, whose marketing automation solution product, Unify, is being used to improve content management has brought a variety of new features to On Brand, its brand management solution. These new features include, advanced reporting, more support for devices that have HTML5 video, such as tablets and mobile devices, streamlining and UI enhancements, documentation and updated help guides.



As with other versions of Vyre On Brand, version 2.4 provides users with the ability to configure reports and comment on how digital assets are being used and to export the information to other places, like Excel. Now, users can also base their reports around  their creative workflow projects. These projects can be filtered by type, date, users, activity and brand, while users can also also choose what information can be displayed to themselves and other users.

HTML5 Video

Vyre recognizes that there are more users who use iOS and Android devices, such as smartphones and tablets. With this new update, it’s easier for users to play video (in all of the major web browsers) on devices that use HTML5.

Creative Workflow

With On Brand 2.4 the Creative Workflow module has be updated to allow users to manage their projects more easily and efficiently. Updates include:

  • More administrator rights for administrating projects.
  • Filtering by brand to add users to projects.
  • User profiles can be linked project members.
  • Revisions no longer need a project manager’s approval.
  • General efficiency updates to project overviews, activity listings, brief management and the viewing and filtering of projects.

Multi-brand Enhancements

Users are now able to manage brands more easily, with a simpler system that provides more brand support. Clients now have a choice between single branded On Brand, multi brand and tailored On Brand, with customizations.

  • Users can create sub-domains, which can be managed and used within the system by both clients and partners.
  • Products and clients can have their own sub-page (for example: brandname.company.com).
  • Sub-brands, including individual brand users, assets, articles, taxonomy and permissions can now be quickly created within the system.

Help Guides

An online help site has been added to On Brand to help with users problems and questions about the system. Help Guides include both short videos, on each area of the system and text guides.