Elvis Alert: WoodWing Releases 4.0 of Its DAM Software

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There’s a new Elvis stepping onto the stage. This week, multi-channel publishing vendor WoodWing released version 4.0 of its Elvis digital asset management (DAM) system, featuring an enhanced integration with the editorial management application, Content Station, in the company’s Enterprise publishing solution.

Elvis, accessible through a tab in Content Station, is now more fully integrated into Enterprise, so that media assets can be searched and managed within the publishing workflow. Assets in Elvis can be dragged-and-dropped into Content Station dossiers.

Bought Last Fall

In October of last year, the Netherlands-based Woodwing bought Dutch software, which had released Elvis in 2008. At the time, WoodWing noted that Elvis had already been offered as part of an integrated solution with Enterprise. WoodWing promised at the time that it intended to bring integration between the two products “to an even higher level.”

Erik Schut, President of WoodWing Software, said in a statement accompanying the release of 4.0 that many of the company’s publishing customers “requested that we further blend digital asset management and multi-channel publishing.”

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Learning Opportunities

The company said its internal tests of 4.0 show that, even with heavy use of as many as 22 million assets, the high performance of the product for such functions as searching, editing and previewing is maintained. The newest Elvis also includes an upgrade to version 3.6.2 of Lucene, the open source search engine used by such sites as Wikipedia and LinkedIn.

Updates to Enterprise

Version 4.0 of Elvis has also been ported to Linux, so that it can be utilized in Linux-based shops, and WoodWing said it will continue to add support for other environments throughout 2013. There are also improvements intended to aid stability and ease-of-use, such as, to assist installation and deployment, the inclusion of Java in the installer.

WoodWing is busy updating its Enterprise-Elvis matched pair, which offer a two-hitter combo in the fast-growing multimedia publishing market. In January, we saw the release of 8.1 for Enterprise, which featured and improved workflow, followed by last month's release of a new version 8.2 of Enterprise which, at the time, boasted of a tighter integration with Elvis.

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