Elvis DAM Integrates with one2edit

Elvis is integrating. This time around it's with InDesign as WoodWing's Elvis DAM 4.0 is being integrated with 1io’s one2edit 3.8, combining the digital asset management tool with the application designed to streamline workflows of documents created in Adobe’s InDesign. 

In their announcement this week, the companies pointed to the growing need for feeding a large number of channels without busting budgets. Doing so, they said, requires an orchestrated workflow, intelligent digital asset management and collaborative editing among teams, all of which could involve multiple languages and market-specific modifications.

Localized for Markets

1io CEO Markus Kuhnert noted in a statement that both companies “have the same objectives in product development,” in that they both focus on “powerful, easy-to-use, scalable yet affordable solutions” to challenges in publishing and marketing communications.

With the Web application one2edit, creative and marketing team members can collaborate on Adobe InDesign layouts, which often have to be localized for given markets. Team members can review, edit or approve InDesign layouts in a Web browser, without having to learn InDesign.

WoodWing ElvisDAM with one2edit

Similarly, Elvis DAM allows users to find, select and share media assets. The companies said that the integration will now allow one2edit users to browse, search, retrieve and store assets in Elvis from within one2edit so that, for instance, photos for use in an InDesign document that are required for a given market can be selected and made available. Additionally, the integration enables DAM capabilities in Web-based brand management portals, when the one2edit editor has been implemented inside a portal.

Elvis 4.0

In April, WoodWing released version 4.0 of Elvis, featuring an enhanced integration of the DAM software with the editorial management application, Content Station, in its flagship Enterprise publishing solution.

The Netherlands-based WoodWing bought Dutchsoftware in October 2012, acquiring the Elvis product. WoodWing had already been selling Enterprise with Elvis, and, after the acquisition, promised it would “further blend digital asset management and multi-channel publishing.”