There are more new features in WebDAM. New enhancements in the digital asset management software, announced this week, are designed to increase consistency of use. 

The main new additions are hierarchical support and a taxonomy builder for WebDAM’s controlled vocabulary. Controlled vocabulary assists users in consistently employing the same keywords, enabling metadata and workflows to remain consistent. Hierarchy allows the keyword list to be organized into defined categories, and the taxonomy builder is used to create, organize and group keywords, with drag and drop for existing keywords.

Charger, Meet Dodge

WebDAM gave the example of how the taxonomy builder could allow a user to place all the models of the Dodge car brand under that term, so that, if someone uses Charger as a keyword, the system automatically adds Dodge.

The digital asset managementcompany also introduced the ability to batch export all IPTC metadata,so that assets can be audited. Revisions to group member management andthe admin dashboard provide group stats with quick links, which thecompany said facilitates group member management and eliminates the needto keep track of which users belong to which group.

In recent months, WebDAM has been on a roll. Last month, for instance, it announced new features that allowed users to centralize, control, catalog, share and play their PowerPoint presentations within WebDAM from any connected device.

Learning Opportunities

WebDAM Adds Taxonomy Builder, Hierarchical Support Features

Batch Download, Collaboration

It also unveiled enhancements that offer the ability to individually download or batch download files in the desired format, with WebDAM handling the conversion. Supported file formats include jpeg, png, tiff, eps, bmp, gif and pdf.

In July, WebDAM added collaboration features that could be useful when crunching under deadlines. Those features, based around email notifications and alerts, update everyone in a team with the status of the assets in question, and sends updates when those assets are modified in a specified way.

Also in July, WebDAM said that its second quarter was a DAM good one, with a record-breaking number of new customers, a surpassing of sales and revenue goals, and a 100 percent customer retention rate.