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Elvis is going on the road. To be more precise, WoodWing's digital asset management solution, Elvis DAM, is being released in a mobile version that enables users to view and approve images or videos from an iPad.

The free Elvis Review app, now available in the Apple iTunes store, permits a mobile user to browse and search collections, zoom into images or video, look at image or video metadata, apply ratings, approve or reject assets and make updates to collections. While the app itself is free, the user needs to have an Elvis DAM user account.

Viewing from Outside

The intended use cases include when personnel from agencies, printers or other members of a project team need to make decisions relating to content while they are out at customer sites, in meetings, at trade shows or in warehouses. WoodWing said it was looking into the possibility of developing other mobile apps that gave remote access to its Elvis DAM, for other types of use cases.

The ability to remotely view digital assets when you’re not using the full digital asset management system in-house has become a frequently added capability for DAM systems, just as WoodWing has done with its view-and-review iPad app.

For instance, Widen Enterprises recently updated its Smartimage service, which allows the distribution of digital assets to team members who do not need access to the DAM application itself, as well as to the public. In Widen's case, access to assets is achieved by a completely separate service.

Dropbox, Dutch Software

Another variation to support accessibility to assets is the increasingly popular integration of an application with a cloud-based storage service such as Dropbox. In June, for instance, Widen added Dropbox integration to its digital asset management solution, Media Collective, making access to assets an easier proposition for users who have Dropbox accounts.

In July, WoodWing released version 4.1 of Elvis, adding full Linux support, distributed storage and support for five major Asian languages. That update came only a couple of months after the company released version 4.0.

The Netherlands-based WoodWing bought Dutch Software in late 2012, thus acquiring Elvis, which has become a key part of the company's Enterprise publishing system.