Digital Asset Management,Widen Updates Smartimage Service For Brand Asset Management
One of the biggest challenges in brand management is making sure everyone has the latest assets, and only the ones they’re supposed to access. To address this need directly, digital asset vendor Widen Enterprises announced in March its Smartimage service. Now, the company has updated the service with version 2.0. 

Jake Athey, Widen Enterprises Marketing Manager, said in a statement that Smartimage "helps brands ensure images are used consistently and appropriately by anyone representing or referring to a brand.” He added that small and medium-sized organizations frequently share these assets via consumer-grade tools, and Smartimage is specifically oriented toward providing more robust capabilities for churches, school groups, sports clubs, musicians and similar groups or individuals.

Sample Use Cases

Use cases include bloggers who want to use a brand's logo, sales people who need to send out current product images, or brand advocates sharing images of their favorite product. The service allows organizations to create either public or private asset collections, which can be then shared with external stakeholders or internal ones. Assets might include brand identity packages, press kits, image galleries, charts and graphs, logos or brand guidelines.

Smartimage provides customizable brand spaces to extend a branded experience from a main website to the collection pages, as well as social sharing, analytical tools to track visits and downloads, and support for high-quality file formats and display.

Learning Opportunities

Version 2.0 adds video embedding for YouTube or Vimeo-hosted videos, custom photos or colors for collections, and, for paid subscription plans, shared administration and increased file limits. The company said that it was also working on providing embeddable image gallery templates, an API and hotlinking with custom image sizes.

Part of a Trend

This new Widen service is the latest in the trend of digital asset management vendors providing increasingly extensive capabilities for the distribution of assets to team members and the general public. In this case, Widen has chosen to separate out the service from the digital asset management application.

In June, Widen released version 6.4 of its cloud-based Media Collective digital asset management software, featuring integration with fellow cloudster Dropbox.The Dropbox integration facilitated synchronization of files between devices and sharing with team members, but was focused on internal teams using the DAM software instead of, as with Smartimage, the public and external organizations simply needing access to assets.