Adobe Joins Campaign Analytics for Faster Retargeting

Adobe Joins Campaign, Analytics for Faster Retargeting

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Retargeting and remarketing are not new concepts.

So there's nothing ground-breaking about today's announcement about Adobe Campaign's integration in the Adobe Marketing Cloud. The move allows marketers to retarget shoppers who abandon their online shopping carts.

So what's the wow factor? Speed, Adobe officials say.

The San Jose, Calif-based software giant's today released an integration between two of its six Adobe Marketing Cloud suites -- Adobe Campaign and Adobe Analytics -- that officials claim helps marketers grab shopping-cart abandoners before it's too late.

Officials say it's the first in a series of announcements Adobe will make regarding marketing cloud integrations between now and Adobe Summit in March. 

"The real time nature of the technology," Kerry Reilly, director of product marketing for Adobe Campaign, told CMSWire when asked of its unique proposition. "Remarketing has been around for a while, but not in real-time like this. You can leverage this technology to capture the right-time moment, if you will."

Integration Trail 

digital marketing, Adobe Campaign-Analytics Integration Promise: Quick Retargeting

Adobe acquired its Campaign technology from Paris tech company Neolane in the summer of 2013. About nine months later, Adobe's Patrick Tripp told us, "I think it's going to take some time to fully flesh-out that acquisition and fully integrate it with the marketing cloud. It's going to be a journey. It's going to be a series of announcements through 2014."

That series kicks off today with what Adobe officials call "an industry-first integration with Adobe Analytics." Adobe Campaign has worked before with Adobe Analytics but this is a "deeper integration" that allows marketers to "connect real-time web analytics" and to "understand a consumer’s web behavior, with real-time campaign management."

Learning Opportunities

Adobe's not just building out "generic integrations," but rather ones that are "use-case specific and very practical" integrations, according to Reilly.

"Since Adobe acquired Neolane, we've grown quite a bit," she told CMSWire. "We're very focused on integration and optimization. Everyone thinks these are all separate, siloed systems, but Adobe's making great progress toward integrations, and this is the first page in a series of books over the course of the next several months."

Promised Turnaround

Adobe promises to get marketing messages out to potential customers fast because customers can get forgetful pretty fast today with constant distractions.

The Adobe promise with this integration is "targeted and personalized messages" within minutes or hours. Competitors typically promise 24 hours, Adobe officials said.

"What's new is the real time marketing capability," Reilly said. "We can market to someone who abandons their shopping cart in real time. There's a huge upside to this."

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