BlueConic Platform Updates Connect Siloed Data Stores

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Boston-based digital marketing platform provider BlueConic released updates today that are designed to help marketers connect "siloed data stores" and applications across their stacks.

The five-year-old, 28-employee company features a platform that company officials also claim enables brands to "identify, understand and interact" with customers on an individual basis.

The update is supposed to make it easier to connect marketing systems, "allowing marketers to construct a dynamic profile of any individual in real-time that pulls from a number of available sources," said Dan Gilmartin, chief marketing officer at BlueConic. "This in lieu of trying to reconcile disparate data into a cobbled together source of the truth about the customer." 

Why BlueConic?

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So what makes BlueConic stand out in a space featuring 1,876 vendors?

Gilmartin told CMSWire BlueConic was specifically built to solve the problem of knowing an individual across all interactions, which he called "true integrated digital marketing."

"The BlueConic platform stands out from the crowd in that it starts with identifying and creating a profile for each individual and then using advanced decisioning to trigger the optimal interaction for that person," Gilmartin said.

The platform is also designed to solve marketers’ challenges with anonymous visitors by immediately "collecting and analyzing data on visitors, instantly making data about them known to the marketer," Gilmartin added.

"BlueConic’s platform," he said, "allows marketers to collect an infinite number of profiles and attributes, all of which are available to leverage across the entire marketing stack."

Inside the Updates

So what is BlueConic producing with its updates today? 

Learning Opportunities

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It unveils "Quick Connections," which officials said makes it easy to connect separated marketing applications into a single view of the customer that is actionable in real time. It is built on a flexible Rest API structure. It also offers integration with platforms including Salesforce, Google Universal Analytics, Facebook Connect and other CRMs, data management platforms and content management systems.

BlueConic also expanded its "Platform Plugins," which produces insights into individual customer behaviors.

Additional new features include the ability to compare outcomes by time period and standalone dashboards.

"BlueConic brings the full marketing stack together by allowing for a direct exchange of information and data across compartmentalized components of the stack, generating additional value from existing infrastructure," Gilmartin said, "and this release is all about making that process even more straightforward. This update also offers a segmentation functionality that lets marketers easily create their own segmentation and analyze outcomes, making it much simpler to compare and understand customer data."

Gilmartin said pricing is variable based on the number of active profiles under management and channels supported.