Discussion Point Does Marketing Automation Enhance CX

Discussion Point: Does Marketing Automation Enhance CX?

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The terms "marketing automation" and "customerexperience" trip off the tongue of the modern marketer with increasingfrequency. But it's not always clear how the former enhances the latter.

We took that question to several marketing practitioners who were in SanFrancisco for last week's Innovateconference, which focused on customer experience management across allchannels.

The Question

How is marketing automation changing the customer experience for your customers?

The Answers

Paige O'Neill, Chief Marketing Officer, SDL


I think it's changing it quite dramatically. The thing that excitesme most recently is the work we're doing to help our customers understand their customer personas. We've been talking about personas inmarketing for quite some time.  We talk about segmentation. We've beentalking about that for years. But the thing that the data is bringing to us nowis a tremendous additional layer of depth to that story because we're able toapply technology to understanding all the conversations that are happening onall the social spheres.

It's not just Twitter and Facebook, but it's blogs,chats and any kind of conversation happening socially. We've got the technology — SDL does and other vendors do as well — to be able to compile and aggregate thoseconversations and be able to look at how customer personas begin to break down,to give more meaning to the personas, to enable companies to apply that data, tohelp target those customers more effectively, to help develop thoserelationships, to have an affinity for the brand, and ultimately to make apurchase and come back to make a repeat purchase. The ability to take data andunderstand those personas, to understand where they're having conversations,when the buying moment is happening, and then participate in that buying momentin real time.

Sian Goad, brand strategy manager at Kawasaki Motors Corp.


We're still looking as ways automation can benefitus. We're looking at predictive behavioral tools that will allow us to be abetter partner with other teams that are working in other silos in our company,so that we can better communicate one voice.

I think the customer experiencewill benefit from having more enhancements and simpler navigation through allthe communications streams, so the relationship between those things will makemore sense of our products. If they purchase one product, they'll experience alldifferent depths — anything from parts, apparel, warranty offerings.

It may bean older unit that they purchase, and their experience will be less siloedbecause we'll be able to pull our teams together and offer one experience on onepath.

Learning Opportunities

Caroline Hunter, interactive marketing specialist at Kawasaki Motors Corp.


The first thing we need to understand is that we need to do targeted communication to our customers. We're a diversecompany. When we've got a customer who is interested in one product, it may notbe the same customer who is interested in a different product. So we need todetermine who our customers are and develop content and get it to them.

Speakingof digital, not only do our customers have different product interests, they wantto receive the information differently. A consumer who receives it throughsocial or email may not want to get it that way. So we've got to look at otherways to deliver it. We might think of direct mail. It's really aboutunderstanding who are customers are and the way they want to receiveinformation.

Steve Richardson, manager of translation systems at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

2014 13 June Steve Richardson 2.jpg

We translate about 100 million words a year in almost 100 languages. Ifwe didn't have marketing automation to help us do that — to manage previoustranslations and make use of automated translations that speed them up 1.5 to 2  times — we would never be able to reach out like we do around the world.

And wehave information going out on websites, mobile, video. If you go to LDS.org,it's full of all kinds of media and information. Even the missionary force ofthe church is using technology like iPads and other things to help organizetheir work, share messages, videos and you name it.