Is Marketo Enough for You MKTGnation

Is Marketo Enough for You? #MKTGnation

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Marketo jumped on the all-in-one marketing platform train today.

The San Mateo, Calif.-based provider announced today at its annual Marketing Nation Summit at the Moscone Center in San Francisco capabilities that allow marketers to engage their customers across all channels from a single software platform.

The eight-year-old company this week welcomes its biggest crowd to date for its annual marketing festival -- a 41 percent growth in registrations up to more than 8,500. Marketo officials said last week it had nearly 4,000 paid registrants, 86 percent growth since last year. 

What does more people mean? More money for Marketo. But also more momentum for the marketing automation specialist that reported a 54 percent third-quarter growth in October

"It's about inspiration in the nation," Sanjay Dholakia, Marketo's chief marketing officer, told CMSWire in an interview last week.

No Silos

Dholakia gave the same pitch about his company that Marketo officials have before: that Marketo is a marketing-first company. They are marketers. They care about marketers.

That much we've heard.

Beyond the branding, what's inside Marketo's technology advancement's this week?

Marketo adds digital advertising and mobile capabilities for its Marketo Engagement Marketing Platform. It unites, officials said, all major digital marketing channels in one platform. Built-in automation allows marketers to deliver messages across a range of digital channels including mobile and digital advertising.

“Marketing should not live within silos -- it’s imperative that brands connect with their customers with the right message wherever they are,” Phil Fernandez, chairman and CEO at Marketo.

Marketo's product updates announced today include:

Learning Opportunities

  1. Marketo Mobile Engagement: Marketo officials call this an industry-first capability. Its CMO called it "revolutionary." It helps marketers create and deliver mobile experiences from a single, unified platform. It includes listening capabilities for customer behavior across web, social, email and advertising channels and communicating directly within the mobile environment. It sends communications across all other digital channels based on behaviors it detects in the mobile environment, personalized push messaging and in-app notifications, officials promised.
  2. Marketo Ad Bridge: Marketo officials said this helps marketers track and optimize their spend. It connects online advertising efforts to an overall engagement marketing strategy so marketers can find and attract the right prospects and move them quickly through the buyer journey, according to officials. 
  3. Marketo Sales Insight Mobile for Salesforce1: An update to an existing platform, it gives mobile sales professionals access to information on their smartphones or tablets in real time.  
  4. Marketo Calendar HD: This allows marketers to display their plans and programs in a format suitable for large-screen wall-mounted TV displays.
  5. Marketo Moments: Provides marketers with a continuously updated view of marketing program information.


Marketo officials said the range of new products will be available to customers in the second quarter this year.

Neustar Integration

Also at Marketo's annual conference this week, analytics provider Neustar announced a partnership with Marketo to give marketers the most accurate and complete data to target consumers. 

"The data verification and validation capabilities that Neustar's Lead Intelligence Solution powered by our authoritative identity provides will ultimately allow marketers to have a far better engagement level with targets or prospects," said Lisa Joy Rosner, CMO of 19-year-old, 1,563-employee Neustar, based in Sterling, Va. "This integration will not only be useful for B2B marketers but also B2C marketers."

Rosner told CMSWire Neustar’s authoritative identity solution and its Lead Intelligence capabilities will help ensure that marketers have the right data. Marketers can focus on the right leads prior to storing those leads into Marketo’s Engagement Management platform.

"Neustar’s Lead Intelligence solution will help to cleanse customer and prospect data in real-time through contact verification and scoring, allowing marketers to target on only the best customers and maintain a cleaner database," Rosner said. 

"The data verification and validation capabilities that Neustar’s identity solution provides will ultimately allow marketers to have a far better engagement level with targets or prospects. In addition, this integration will not only be useful for B2B marketers but also B2C marketers."