RedHot Hootsuite Acquires Social Marketing Campaign Platform

The Hootsuite social media dashboard made big news when IBM Connections announced Hootsuite's integration into its enterprise collaboration platform last December. The industry took notice.

Eyes are on Hootsuite again today. It announced the acquisition -- and immediate deployment -- of an engagement platform for creating customized social marketing campaigns. Hootsuite acquired Brightkit for an undisclosed amount and launched Hootsuite Campaigns that officials say will help organizations extend the reach of social media programs. 

"Hootsuite Campaigns is designed to create customized social marketing campaigns and allows businesses to reach new audiences through engaging contests, sweepstakes and galleries, all managed from their Hootsuite dashboard," a Hootsuite spokesperson told CMSWire.

Hot-Stove Hootsuite

Talk about a hot streak. Vancouver, British Columbia-based Hootsuite is smoking right now.

The evidence comes in many forms, some the Vancouver, BC-based company touted in a release today and others we asked about, such as the number of employees.

digital marketing, Red-Hot Hootsuite Acquires Social Marketing Campaign Platform

Hootsuite now has more than 600 employees — up from 250 two years ago and only 40 employees three years ago.The company was founded by Ryan Holmes five years ago with seven employees.

A popular consumer tool, Hootsuite stormed into the enterprise with the IBM integration. And with today's announcement, it's focusing on its bread and butter -- social media campaigns.

Hootsuite announced some other wins:
  • Surpassed 10 million users in 175-plus countries
  • New enterprise customers such as Telekom Malaysia, Singapore Press Holdings, Brooklyn Public Library, Cambridge University Press, Red Carnation Hotels and Hyland Software Inc.  
  • Landed one of the top three companies in the Insurance vertical and is rolling out to 19,000 users across North America, making it one of Hootsuite’s largest customers to date

“We’re seeing explosive growth across all regions,” Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite, said in a statement. “Our teams are focused on rolling out a number of new product offerings, have plans to open operations in Latin America, and will hire an additional 100-plus roles by the end of 2014.”

Last week, hundreds lined up for hours at a hiring fair at the company's Vancouver headquarters.

Brightkit Integration Ready

When does Hootsuite see full integration of Vancouver, BC-based Brightkit complete? Now, Hootsuite told us.

It's already part of the new Hootsuite Campaigns, the new campaign management offering Hootsuite introduced today.

"The Brightkit brand won’t be kept," the Hootsuite spokesperson told us. "While we 'sunset' the Brightkit brand we’re aiming to provide a seamless experience for our joint customers over the next few months."  

What gap in Hootsuite's platform offerings does Brightkit fill? Brightkit’s campaign toolkit was a popular part of Hootsuite’s app ecosystem, Hootsuite officials told us. Hootsuite Campaigns is available as a standalone product. It’s designed as an enterprise-level product and is priced similarly to a basic enterprise license.

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