Top Challenges for Multichannel Marketers DMA14

Top Challenges for Multichannel Marketers #DMA14

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Two-thirds of marketers in enterprise companies fail to tightly coordinate campaigns across all marketing channels, and just 43 percent state that their marketing departments share common goals across channels, reveals new research released during this week’s Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Annual Conference in San Diego. 

The report (registration required), sponsored by Yes Lifecycle Marketing, was based on a survey of more than 300 marketing executives in large- and mid-sized companies, and found that organizational silos continue to hamper marketers from effectively implementing multichannel strategies.

Integration, Measurement Challenges

“Customer records are in shambles, and marketers are in denial,” stated Michael Fisher, president of Yes Lifecycle Marketing, in a statement. “It’s admirable that marketers have set their sights on multichannel marketing strategies, but they need to start at the foundation. If marketers aren’t reaching the right people or are failing to tailor their messages to customer preferences, it won’t be possible to either integrate or execute across channels.”

Enterprise companies aren’t the only ones struggling to get a handle on reaching customers across multiple channels, or coordinating marketing efforts across departments. The survey also finds that only 39 percent of mid-sized companies have marketing departments that share common goals.

 “This drives competition and confusion across divisions and marketing channels, and the customer is the one who suffers,” stated researchers in the report.

Further, only 40 percent of those surveyed stated that they manage customer contact frequency to ensure that customers get a limited amount of messages across all channels.

“Marketing organizations need to better centralize goals, measurement and contact frequency across channels, as few marketers state they share common personal incentives,” researchers continued.

Multichannel/Omnichannel Difficulties

Conducted by The Relevancy Group the report continued on to explore the top three difficulties marketers face in managing offers across multiple campaigns, departments, brands and channels:

Learning Opportunities

  • 29 percent of enterprise marketers find managing offers across multiple campaigns challenging
  • 28 percent of enterprise marketers cite difficulties coordinating marketing across departments and brands
  • Adequate staff and IT support due to a lack of common technology used across channels was cited as the third most significant challenge to developing multichannel campaigns 

Little Centralized Marketing Data

When it comes to managing customer data, the numbers show that there is much room for improvement:

  • 37 percent of enterprise organizations state they have a centralized data repository for their client data, while only
  • 29 percent of midmarket companies state that their data is centralized

Further, the report finds that less than 25 percent of companies surveyed practice basic data maintenance such as cleaning and de-duplicating data, householding multiple customer records, as well as understanding the costs of acquiring a new customer.

Key Initiatives for 2015

When asked about key initiatives for improving the ROI for email marketing programs in 2015, the number one response was the greater use of analytics in order to optimize communication. Others included:

  • Improved targeting
  • Centralizing customer data
  • Using real time data
  • Increasing relevancy

Also in 2015, more than a third of marketers expect to use services for digital marketing and multichannel strategic services in order to help them improve marketing results and relevancy. For those who do not plan to use services, most lack the budget (27 percent) or believe that they know their industry and clients better than an outside provider (26 percent).

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