2014-29-July Twitter CEO Dick Costolo.jpg

Twitter announced growth of 129 percent in advertising year-over-year in the second quarter. It signals an increase of investment in the social media platform and a strengthened belief in its results, Twitter executives said during a conference call. 

The platform -- now with 271 million users -- is becoming more appealing to marketers who continue to see more return on investment (ROI) from Twitter campaigns, said Mike Gupta, senior vice president of strategic investments at Twitter. 

"Marketers are increasing their budgets and spending based on the ROI they're seeing on our platform," Gupta told investors. 

Connecting World

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo (shown above) and his executive colleagues pointed to the World Cup as a generator of a significant portion of the second quarter's ad revenue. The FIFA soccer event, held once every four years, concluded earlier this month with Germany beating Argentina in the finals.

Twitter, Costolo said, is looking to be a "fast and frictionless" platform for all, and is currently targeting users in geographies with sub optimal connectivity.

But can Twitter be an ROI home, as its executives said today? Some think so. Facebook also thinks it could generate good ROI for marketers with its platform. They, too, announced strong second quarter revenue.

Costolo's a believer, naturally.

The platform has "improved profile pages" that "make them more engaging," he said. Twitter has also continued to invest in running experiences for logged out unique visitors.

"We are the world's real time information network," Costolo said. "We will position ourselves to connect everyone on the planet."