Our industry event planner gives you the heads-up on what key industry events are coming around the corner. If we've missed something, don't hesitate to add your event to the list. (You can also view the full calendar here.)

Webinar: SharePoint, Yammer and Mobile — Oh My!
Struggling to make sense of the SharePoint + Yammer picture? Now throw in Mobile. Oh yeah, the fun is just beginning. Join this free webinar as experts share their best practices (Sep 18th).

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August Events

August 26 - 28 (San Diego): EVOLVE'13 - The Adobe CQ5 Community Technical Conference San Diego 2013

The Adobe CQ Community Technical Conference is a community-based 3-day conference designed for: Technical Executives & Managers, Project Managers, Business/Functional Analysts, Architects and Developers. Coupled with inspiring keynotes, networking events and entertainment; the conference is the ideal event to increase CQ technical skills, recruit, prospect and network within the community.

August 27 - 28 (Dallas): Social Media Strategies Summit Dallas 2013

Global Strategic Management Institute (GSMI) is excited to announce Social Media Strategies Summit - Dallas. Whether your organization is just starting out or in the forefront of social media, Social Media Strategies Summit will help your company navigate through social media outlets and ensure you are getting it right. Through hands-on workshops, case studies, and keynotes, our Dallas summit will provide attendees with industry best practices and how to apply them to your own company strategy to be more effective and efficient.

Auguts 28 (Online): CMSWire's Google Hangout: The Changing Face of SharePoint in the Enterprise

Join CMSWire on Wednesday, August 28th at 9am PDT / 12 noon EDT / 1600 GMT as we take a look at SharePoint -- where it began, how far it's come and where it's going.

August 28 (New York): The Essential Intranet Blend New York 2013

Recently, Interact Intranet launched Interact 7, the revolutionary new intranet that is packed with the most innovative collaboration technologies to help ensure employees work more efficiently. Interact 7 is changing the way we see intranets, proving that an essential intranet is one that perfectly combines both traditional and social tools to maximize productivity.

August 28 (Online): Webinar: 6 Benefits to Hosting Your Website in the Cloud

Even though it's the middle of summer, the future of the web is “cloudy” (pun intended). When you host your website “on premise,” you need to concern yourself with servers, racks, networking gear, electricity, bandwidth, redundancy and more. Alternatively, you can host your website with a cloud provider.

August 28 (Online): Webinar: Social Intranet - Strategy, Execution and ROI

“On average, 42% of information workers spend more than an hour a day just searching for information.” Coupled with too much time spent looking for experts and the difficulty of collaborating with peers, time is ripe for a better social intranet.

August 28 (Online): Webinar: Govern, Secure, and Manage Your Documents in SharePoint with Content Intelligence

Hear how SharePoint experts from Summit 7 Systems and Smartlogic can help you identify and secure sensitive information, control workflow processes, enforce governance policies, and make the most of the eDiscovery Center in your SharePoint environment using Content Intelligence.

September Events

September 4 - 6 (Cambridge): UX Cambridge 2013

Now in its 3rd year UX Cambridge 2013 is set to be our best year yet, with more workshops, more speakers and more ideas to stimulate the UX community. Coming to UX Cambridge means you're a part of the action. Discuss, practice & learn. Get ready to get your hands dirty.

September 4 - 7 (Bol): eZ Publish Summer Camp 2013

eZ Publish Summer Camp is a 4-day international event with developer oriented workshops, organized by Netgen. It will be held in Bol, Croatia from September 4th to 7th this year. The main topic of all workshops are eZ Publish CMS and Symfony.

September 8 - 10 (Arizona): Data+ Conference Arizona 2013

Computerworld is proud to present Data+, the event that has evolved from the former BI & Analytics Perspectives Conference, the world’s most authoritative conference on business analytics and Big Data. Over the course of this two-day event, 250+ IT executives, IT managers and business leaders can connect with their peers and IT marketers who have business and technology solutions to share with them.

September 9 - 10 (San Francisco): Accelerate San Francisco 2013

Join Apttus at Accelerate 2013 in beautiful San Francisco, host of the 34th America’s Cup. Discover the power of your Apttus solutions while hearing from industry notables, networking with peers and learning more about the Quote-to-Cash process.

September 9 - 10 (London): Gartner Outsourcing & Strategic Partnerships Summit 2013

This conference is the definitive annual event delivering practical guidance and strategic advice on outsourcing and IT Services. The new agenda is specifically shaped for key outsourcing roles -- bring your team.

September 9 - 10 (San Francisco): CloudBeat San Francisco 2013

Returning for its third year, CloudBeat will track the growing maturity of the cloud and identify the hot issues for the next twelve months. We’ll cut through the hype surrounding the cloud by gathering real customers who have gone through the pain of adoption and change, and who have compelling stories to tell about the ways in which the cloud continues to transform their business.

September 9 - 12 (Cleveland): Content Marketing World Cleveland 2013

We are gearing up for another amazing Content Marketing World, now the largest content marketing event on the planet, produced by the Content Marketing Institute. Content Marketing World is the one event where you can learn and network with the best and the brightest in the content marketing industry. You will leave with all the materials you need to take a content strategy back to your team — and — to implement a content marketing plan that will grow your business and engage your audience. Get the best rate today and register now.

September 9 - 11 (Atlanta): The UX Strategy Conference Atlanta 2013

UX STRAT brings together UX leaders, strategists, researchers and senior practitioners to discuss the latest trends in strategic experience planning and design. Join us for an event that will help you take experience design within your organization to the next level.

September 10 (Washington): AWS Worldwide Public Sector Summit Washington 2013

Amazon Web Services (AWS) will be hosting our fourth annual Worldwide Public Sector Summit on September 10, 2013 in Washington, DC. Join us for one of the largest public sector cloud events on the East Coast. This free, one-day event is ideal for developers and technical leaders who are looking for an introduction to the AWS Cloud or advanced guidance on architecture and engineering, as well as partners looking to build business relationships.

September 10 (Austin): Forrester Workshop: Building Customer Reference Programs That Line Up With Sales Objectives And Changing Media

At this workshop, Forrester will teach you how to break away from traditional assumptions about sales tools and build a new set of design principles based on today’s more complex selling conditions. 

September 10 (Charleston): Southeast Regional Cyber Security for National Security Conference

The First Southeast Regional CS4NS Conference focuses on the immediate need of strengthening the critical cyber infrastructure of our nation. The conference will address the current cyber security state and rank vulnerabilities of our Critical Infrastructure/Key Resources (CI/KR), Internet Infrastructure, and available security resources. Discussions will highlight future development needs and solutions, especially for underserved businesses and government. Overall, CS4NS will answer the question “Are we secure?”

September 11 - 12 (London): ad:tech Conference London 2013

We are currently working behind the scenes with our advisory board to develop the conference programme. With more than 50 leading brand, agency and media leaders already signed up, delegates can expect two days of top-level strategic insight and lively debate across the eight vertical summits.

September 11 - 12 (Raleigh): Mission Possible: Expion's 2013 Social Business Summit

The two-day event will include panels and presentations covering subjects ranging from content marketing to earned media, as well as case studies from top agencies and Fortune 500 leaders on how they are successfully operationalizing their social media strategies. This exclusive event will provide attendees with the unique opportunity to hear from and network with some of the world’s most established brands.

September 12 - 13 (Boston): Social Media & Web Analytics Innovation Summit Boston

We know that the theories underpinning current developments in analytics and data science don't necessarily pan out in the real world, particularly when examined in a global context. Which is why we invite you to discuss your thoughts and feelings openly, and connect with like-minded people. The conference is a prime opportunity for you to air your personal and business challenges.

September 12 - 13 (Boston): Big Data Innovation Summit Boston 2013

The summit will help your business understand & utilize data-driven strategies and discover what disciplines will change because of the advent of data. With a vast amount of data now available, modern businesses are faced with the challenge of storage, management, analysis, privacy, visualization, security and disruptive tools & technologies.

September 13 (San Francisco): Couchbase San Francisco 2013

Nothing beats San Francisco in September -- and now there’s a great reason to spend a day in the city by the bay: Couchbase [SF] 2013. Join the global Couchbase community for an event that combines serious technical content with serious fun.

September 14 (Washington): MobileUXCamp Washington 2013

MobileUXCamp DC is a mobile technology themed BarCamp. We aim to bring together mobile enthusiasts, explorers and professionals to share the current state and their visions for the future direction of mobility. MobileUXCamp DC hopes to support the many voices helping to unlock the potential of a truly digital life. Topics may include – but are not limited to — mobile gaming, entrepreneurship, social mobility and presence, near field communication, physical hyperlinking, mobile storytelling, the importance of open standards, protocols, and platforms, linux based devices, and mobility on other continents.

September 14 - 15 (Halifax): Social Media and Society Conference Halifax 2013

Building on the success of the 2012 Symposium on ”Measuring Influence on Social Media“, the objective of this 2-day conference is to bring together experts in social media and online social networks from the academic, business and public sectors, to share ideas on the best practices around how to study the impact of social media on our society. The conference will provide researchers in this area an opportunity to present and debate their ideas, and provide attendees with the opportunity to build academic and professional contacts, present their research, and learn about latest research in this area from a multidisciplinary perspective.

September 16 - 17 (London): Gartner Portals, Content & Collaborations Summit

The nexus of forces ¨C the convergence of social, mobile, information and the cloud ¨C is revolutionizing the way we interact with employees, customers and constituents. It's a pivotal moment. Game changing technologies have created unprecedented opportunities to engage with one another and raise performance, in novel, more effective and more efficient ways.

September 16 - 17 (London): Loyalty World: Europe's Customer Festival 2013

Loyalty World has been designed to help you and your brand better understand, engage and retain your customers. As part of the Europe’s Customer Festival the event looks in detail at how top brands from the Retail, Telecommunications, Financial services, Airline and Utilities industries can create a truly customer-centric approach.

September 16 - 18 (Dana Point): XChange Digital Analytics Conference 2013

Expressly designed for enterprise analytics managers and digital marketing and measurement practitioners, X Change brings together top professionals in the field in an all-business, no-sales, peer-to-peer environment for deep-dives into cutting-edge online measurement topics.

September 16 - 18 (San Jose): Web & PHP Conference San Jose 2013

Web & PHP Magazine invites you to its first ever conference. This is a three-day conference in September that will immerse you in a world of continuously evolving web technologies. Sticking with our ethos of open knowledge sharing and community support, all conference sessions, keynote presentations, hacks and Expo on September 17 & 18 are FREE to attend!

September 16 - 18 (Georgia): CIDM Best Practices Georgia 2013

Best Practices is the premier annual conference for managers of information development, training, and support. From your colleagues, learn about the best ideas and innovations in the industry. Discover how managers in organizations like yours are pursuing scenario-focused information architecture and delivery of content to mobile devices, transforming publications organizations from product- to customer-focused, communicating effectively with project stakeholders about our new methods, and considering the challenge of measuring actions and results.

September 17 - 19 (Boston): Social Media Strategies Summit Boston 2013

Global Strategic Management Institute (GSMI) is excited to announce Social Media Strategies Summit - Boston. Whether your organization is just starting out or in the forefront of social media, Social Media Strategies Summit will help your company navigate through social media outlets and help you unleash your social media super powers.

September 17 -19 (Orlando): Business Analytics Strategies Summit Orlando 2013

Drive your organization's decision making with Big Data. Gain real-time customer insights from analyzing social media data. Turn insight into meaningful action by effectively capturing data. Define the necessary changes and implement processes to ensure the sustainability of an analytical culture. Scrutinize performance patterns to identify new and better ways of working. Combine problem solving and data analysis skills with technology to increase business effectiveness and deliver bottom-line benefits

September 17 - 20 (Petaluma): Cooper's UX Wikipedia Boot Camp Petaluma 2013

Cooper’s UX Boot Camp is an intensive, immersive four-day design training class targeting designers, developers, and product managers who have product design experience but want to take their product design skills and processes to the next level. In short, it’s where people become design leaders. Guided by industry experts, students will learn Cooper’s goal-directed design process while working on a real-world product. The class is built around hands-on activities, conducted in pairs and small teams.

September 18 (Online): Webinar: Yammer and SharePoint and Mobile - Oh my!

We have entered the next generation of employee collaboration, and there is no denying that the demand for enterprise social tools, like SharePoint and Yammer, is growing stronger every day. But the question is: how do we meet that demand and improve productivity? How can we motivate employees to use these tools in ways that simultaneously add real business value and increase job satisfaction? The answer has to do with understanding. Before building the right solution, we must understand how and why employees use their various devices. From their mobile phones, to their tablets, to their desktops – and everything in between – what is the underlying motivation behind their choice in communication tool?

September 18 - 19 (New York): Incite: Marketing Summit New York 2013

Inspire passion in the new accessible consumer through customer-centric insight and multi-channel strategies for personalised, cohesive and effective marketing. Save the date and join 20+ leading Chief Marketing Officers and corporate marketing practitioners. Confirmed CMOs include: Sony, L’Oreal, Arby’s Restaurants, Sears, The Hertz Corporation, Aflac and Restaurant.com.

September 18 - 19 (New York): Incite: Communications Summit New York 2013

Map your path into the future of integrated communications for better internal collaboration, the telling of authentic brand stories and a cohesive multi-channel communications strategy. Save the date and join 20+ leading Chief Communication Officers and corporate marketing practitioners Confirmed C-Level speakers include: BASF, MetLife, Chobani, L’Oreal, Sony, Sears, The Hertz Corporation, Aflac and Restaurant.com.

September 18 - 19 (Washington): Predictive Analytics World Government: Washington, DC 2013

Predictive Analytics World for Government is a practically-focused conference that highlights case studies of how government agencies are currently using data analytics to solve real world problems.

September 19 (Zurich): NoSQL Roadshow Zurich 2013

The NoSQL Search Roadshow offers ideal opportunities for learning, networking and tracking innovations happening in the NoSQL environment including Riak, Neo4j, Hadoop, Cassandra and MongoDB technologies. At the Roadshow participants will learn about efficient and cheaper NoSQL solutions that manage growing data and that help to improve data availability.

September 19 - 20 (San Francisco): Digital Marketing Innovation Summit San Francisco

This summit will gather the world’s most dynamic and senior executives operating in the areas of digital marketing, strategy & planning. Rest assured, all of the burning issues surrounding marketing strategy & planning will be dealt with in no holds barred discussions at this ground breaking summit. We look for real solutions to the real problems you face every day.

September 22 - 25 (Washington): Global Directions Washington 2013

Global Directions 2013 conference, Sept. 22-25 in Washington, D.C. at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center, will bring together senior executives from the world’s leading brands and most influential technology companies. The conference will provide insights on how “fast data” is enabling intelligent information management — the ability to deliver actionable information to the right person within an organization at the right time to achieve positive business results.

September 23 - 24 (Boston): Kentico Connection Boston 2013

Whether looking to simplify your business processes, gain respect through your pursuit of the extraordinary, or achieve formidable success, Kentico Connection will deliver the highest quality technological knowledge and trending digital marketing insights that will help make it happen.

September 23 - 24 (Berlin): 2nd Social Business Collaboration Conference Berlin 2013

Social Business Collaboration draws on the very heart of process oriented and project related interaction within an enterprise 2.0. Strategies of platform and application integration need to be established and social technology tools need to be integrated, while a common culture of collaborative communication has to be maintained. Questions of user adoption, communication facilitation and measurable business value are arising. Benefits of information sharing, interactive knowledge exchange and usability extension seem to be apparent, whereas concerns of technical operationalization, security control and practicability of social technology features are still persistent.

September 24 (Frankfurt): Liferay Portal Solutions Forum Germany 2013

Join us in Germany for the first Liferay Portal Solutions Forum for business decision makers. This event will focus on the subject of Audience Engagement, and we will learn more about the best practices around business challenges being solved using Liferay's portal technologies.

September 24 (London): Social Media for B2B Content Marketing with @Salesforce London 2013

For September, we will be joined by Madlen Nicolaus, EMEA Marketing Manager of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Madlen will talk about the power of content marketing on social media for B2B organisations. We will look at best practice, success stories from large companies and how you can improve your brand’s content marketing.

September 24 - 25 (London): Interaction Intranet Conference 2013 London

It’s back! The UK’s largest dedicated intranet conference returns to London on 24th and 25th September for the third consecutive year. Last year the conference was a huge success — attracting intranet analysts, intranet, internal comms and IT professionals plus experts from around the globe. For 2013 we have another brilliant world class speaker line-up and a few hidden surprises you won’t want to miss.

September 24 - 25 (Philadelphia): New Metrics of Sustainable Business Conference Philadelphia 2013

Explore the future of sustainable business metrics. The two-day Sustainable Brands Issues in Focus event examines leading-edge work that expands the way business can create, quantify, manage, and communicate value in the 21st century. September 24-25, 2013, Philadelphia, PA.

September 24 - 26 (Chicago): The 2013 Governance, Risk Management & Compliance Summit Chicago

The GRC summit provides risk and governance executives a platform to share ideas, learn from peers and improve upon existing methodologies that have been created to support the people, process and technologies of their organizations. The GRC Summit is a multidimensional intimate gathering that focuses on educating today’s leaders on the significance of the GRC methodology.

September 26 - 27 (Atlanta): Customer Engagement Marketing Summit Atlanta

Companies need to go beyond merely marketing to customers and drive meaningful interactions and engagement with them. PossibleNOW, the host of the Customer Engagement Marketing Summit, believes that it goes deeper than that. Today you must engage customers with your brand. You must engage in conversations that bring them back again and again so that you forge great relationships and encourage your customers to become brand advocates.

September 26 - 27 (San Francisco) Login Conference San Francisco 2013

LOGIN is the conference for developers and professionals, executives, venture capitalists, designers in the mobile game & development (iphone/ipad/android),MMO games and development, online and social game development, E-sports, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network development, and digital distribution.

September 27 (Chicago): Henry Stewart Events DAM Chicago 2013

Appreciation of the reach, importance and implications of good digital asset management proceeds apace - its unstoppable. The challenge is to keep up with all the new developments. Building on the success of previous DAM events, Henry Stewart returns to Chicago for a sixth consecutive year with 'The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media' - all from the users perspective. The presentations, keynote addresses, discussions, case studies, panels and round tables are specially formulated to ensure that you can keep abreast of the latest and the best.

September 28 - October 3 (San Francisco): DataWeek San Francisco 2013

DataWeek 2013 Conference + Festival is the second-annual 6-day data-centric event in downtown San Francisco. With over 2,500 attendees already registered for DataWeek 2013, we expect this event to be the largest data-centric event in San Francisco! Each day of DataWeek has a different business and technology focus ranging from the Saturday / Sunday hackathon activities, the Monday/Tuesday technical workshops, and the Wednesday/Thursday conference & expo.

September 29 - October 3 (Boston): eMetrics Summit Boston 2013

eMetrics Summit: the most comprehensive and forward thinking digital analytics forum. Best practices, Tools and Techniques to optimize successful digital marketing programs.

September 30 - October 1 (Boston): Text Analytics World Boston 2013

Text Analytics World Boston is the full-spectrum conference that covers all aspects of text analytics. To solidify the business value you gain from text analytics, TAW delivers the latest methods/ techniques, demonstrating their deployment across a wide range of industries large and small. TAW also explores the full range of vendor solutions and various forms of text analytics enterprise deployment.

September 30 - October 1 (Boston): DemandCon Boston

DemandCon is the industry’s premier event for education and insight into the art of aligning and accelerating your company’s sales and marketing funnel. DemandCon’s content is presented by the world’s foremost thought leaders and covers information on the latest research, strategies and tactical best practices in B2B Sales and Marketing today. The conference includes Keynotes, 45-minute presentations, 90 – 120 minute mini hands-on workshops, as well as optional full day intensive workshops.

September 30 - October 1 (London): iStrategy London 2013

Last year’s London events were a huge success, with digital marketing luminaries such as Brian Solis, Mari Smith and Ken Segall all wowing our audience of big brands and digital marketing mavens with guidance on how to create more effective, engaging and successful marketing campaigns. And with an exciting line-up of world-class speakers, a programme packed with more digital and social media marketing goodness, and a host of new sessions and networking opportunities all in the pipeline for 2013, this year’s London conference promises to be even better.

September 30 - October 2 (Los Angeles): Channel Management Summit LA 2013

With a five year consistent history of success, the Channel Management Summit has become synonymous with excellence. This year's 6th Channel Management Summit will continue to expand and bring you information on successful channel strategies, partner management and recruitment, and how to utilize social media and the cloud. This is your opportunity to hear from carefully selected industry leaders about their innovative and successful channel program and learn tangible strategies to implement within your own organization.

September 30 - October 2 (Chicago): Digital Enterprise 2.0 Chicago 2013

With the consumerization of technology and the rising demand for social, mobile and cloud-based systems, both employees and customers want experiences they've come to expect in their connected everyday lives. Meeting the demand for BYOD and community-building technologies is easier said than done, yet, the promise is a more innovative and productive business that delivers a more seamless customer experience – one that sets you apart from the rest.

September 30 - October 2 (Boston): Conversion Conference Boston

Whether you're a marketer, analyst, web designer, or you are involved in generating results and revenues form your company's website, there's one skill that's no longer optional; it's required. It's Conversion Rate Optimization.

September 30 - October 3 (Boston): Predictive Analytics World Boston 2013

The only conference of its kind, Predictive Analytics World delivers vendor-neutral sessions across verticals such as banking, financial services, e-commerce, entertainment, government, healthcare, high technology, insurance, non-profits, publishing, and retail.

September 30 - October 3 (San Francisco): Lead Gen Summit San Francisco 2013

Lead Gen Summit 2013 is a vendor-neutral event for marketers interested in improving the volume and quality of leads they provide to their sales teams. Vendors will be on-site and available to answer your questions, but not in the general sessions. All Summit presentations are meant to offer helpful, unbiased, actionable information. There will be no sales pitches from the stage.

September 30 - October 4 (Las Vegas): DevConnections Las Vegas 2013

For more than 13 years, IT/Dev Connections has been the premier training event for developers and IT professionals. IT/Dev Connections conference offers essential training to developers and IT pros on Microsoft products including Exchange, Windows 8, Windows Server, SharePoint, & SQL Server.

October Events

October 1 (Minneapolis): SharePoint for ECM Seminar Minneapolis 2013

70% of organizations currently use SharePoint – but nearly 50% of them have reservations about SharePoint’s ability to meet their compliance requirements. Now that big changes are afoot with Office 365 and SharePoint 2013, what are the new implications for your document/records/content management strategy?

October 2 - 3 (Boston): Mobile Marketing Strategies Summit Boston 2013

Global Strategic Management Institute (GSMI) is excited to be hosting our 6th Mobile Marketing Strategies Summit (MMSS) in Boston, MA. With mobile app and web usage rising exponentially, 2013 is the year for your organization to harness the power of mobile marketing.

October 3 (Chicago): Information Governance in Social & Mobile World Seminar Chicago 2013

How do you safely and effectively manage your information assets when they are growing faster than you can digest them? The volume, variety, and velocity of organizational information is changing the game for governance and compliance. Applying a paper paradigm of policies and processes no longer works — and it certainly doesn't scale.

October 7 - 8 (London): Kentico Connection London 2013

Whether looking to simplify your business processes, gain respect through your pursuit of the extraordinary, or achieve formidable success, Kentico Connection will deliver the highest quality technological knowledge and trending digital marketing insights that will help make it happen.

October 7 - 8 (New York): Createasphere's Digital Asset Management Conference

Now in its fourth year, Createasphere's Digital Asset Management Conference stands as the premier event for everyone responsible for managing and monetizing assets. Essential new sessions this year include the pre-conference DAM 101 Workshop and Certification.

October 7 - 8 (New York): Digital Journalism World Singapore 2013

This info packed event will discuss the industry’s multiple advancements in the digital space, covering the latest technologies, strategies, emerging tools and know-hows as well as interesting deliberations on the bountiful opportunities and challenges faced. Multiple data streams, blogging, social media, social news and web videos and mobile journalism opens the door to consumers to participate in stories that impact them at a depth never seen before.

October 8 (Arlington): Information Governance in Social & Mobile World Seminar Arlington 2013

How do you safely and effectively manage your information assets when they are growing faster than you can digest them? The volume, variety, and velocity of organizational information is changing the game for governance and compliance. Applying a paper paradigm of policies and processes no longer works -- and it certainly doesn't scale.

October 8 - 10 (Berlin): Liferay Developer Conference Berlin 2013

Join other developers and IT professionals at the first Liferay Dev Con in Berlin! Meet Liferay core engineers from around the globe and acquire valuable how-to's applicable to your situation. Get answers to your questions, suggest new features and use the chance to influence Liferay community guidelines and development in a unique way. There will also be plenty of time for knowledge sharing, networking and fun!

October 8 - 11 (San Francisco): Cooper U's Interaction Design Training San Francisco 2013

Course topics include identifying, clarifying, and reframing business opportunities and product strategy, planning and conducting field research to develop a deep understanding of your users, turning research data into a set of personas that guide (and sell!) the design, using scenarios and goals to identify and prioritize requirements, using scenarios to define the right interaction framework and applying these methods to everything from pie-in-the-sky innovation to minor product updates.

October 9 - 10 (Paris): Nuxeo World Paris 2013

Nuxeo is inviting you to the fourth edition of its international conference about Content Management technology and how the Nuxeo Platform can change the way content applications are built.

October 9 - 10 (Los Angeles): Forrester's Forum For Customer Experience Professionals Los Angeles 2013

Forrester’s Customer Experience Index shows that 2012 was a weak year for most companies. Consumers rated 61% of the brands they do business with as OK, very poor, or poor. But the story was very different for some firms. Southwest Airlines, USAA, and Vanguard led their respective industries by wide margins, while value brands including Marshall’s, Courtyard by Marriott, Sam’s Club, and Target dominated the “excellent” category. Their secret? They took proactive steps to boost their customer experience to the next level.

October 9 - 10 (Redwood City): OnMobile Silicon Valley 2013

OnMobile is an annual summit in Silicon Valley that gathers the brightest minds and top entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate players in the consumer and enterprise mobile space.

October 9 - 11 (Boston): MarketingProfs' B2B Marketing Forum

At B2B Forum, you'll gain insight from professionals who understand that while every business may face the same choices there's no one right choice that suits every business. You'll learn what new ideas are out there and how to choose the best options for your marketing programs. Plus, you'll learn how to move from decision to implementation to inspired sensation.

October 13 - 15 (Scottsdale): BOLO Arizona 2013

Don’t just think outside the box. Burn it. Then blaze a new trail. Want to stay ahead of the pack and avoid becoming an extinct ad agency during this challenging economy? BOLO will give you access to the best and brightest in digital with a conference geared to the mid-sized agency looking to take its digital services to the next level.

October 14 - 16 (New York): Velocity New York 2013

If you're tasked with building and maintaining fast, scalable web sites, we know you have a mission: pages need to load quickly, infrastructure has to scale efficiently, and sites and services must be reliable. In addition, organizations needs to understand the business value of this mission and be on board with it. All this, without burning out teams or breaking the budget.

October 16 (Toronto): Information Governance in Social & Mobile World Seminar Toronto 2013

How do you safely and effectively manage your information assets when they are growing faster than you can digest them? The volume, variety, and velocity of organizational information is changing the game for governance and compliance. Applying a paper paradigm of policies and processes no longer works — and it certainly doesn't scale.

October 16 (London): IP EXPO London 2013

IP EXPO is the UK’s Number ONE Enterprise IT event, bringing you everything you need to know about IT infrastructure under one roof. If you’re involved in IT infrastructure, you need to be in Earls Court 2 at IP EXPO.Join us for two fact-filled and fun days in October to see over 200 industry-leading exhibitors and gain valuable insights with stimulating seminar sessions covering the event themes and featuring thought-provoking keynotes from high profile industry speakers.

October 20 - 22 (San Francisco): Liferay Symposium North America

Liferay Symposiums bring together the brightest thought leaders within the community to share ideas, learn best practices, and make decisions in regards to multiple subjects surrounding portals, content management, collaboration, self service portals and web experience. Liferay's community includes independent developers, Liferay staff, customers, systems integrators and technology partners.

October 22 - 23 (London): Apps World Conference & Expo London 2013

Developer Conference & Exhibition: Now in its 4th year, Apps World has grown to be one of the leading global multi-platform events in the mobile industry. This year’s Earls Court 2 event is set to be the biggest yet with over 250 exhibitors and over 8000+ attendees including developers, mobile marketers, mobile operators, device manufacturers, platform owners and industry professionals registered for two days of high level insight and discussion. With 10 targeted workshop tracks, speed meeting, one-to-one meetings, parties, and awards the event will be tackling a spectrum of issues across the app ecosystem.

October 23 (Anaheim): Information Governance in Social & Mobile World Seminar 2013

How do you safely and effectively manage your information assets when they are growing faster than you can digest them? The volume, variety, and velocity of organizational information is changing the game for governance and compliance. Applying a paper paradigm of policies and processes no longer works — and it certainly doesn't scale.

October 23 - 24 (London): Predictive Analytics World London 2013

Predictive Analytics World London, the leading vendor-neutral analytics conference, is holding its fourth annual conference this October 23-24 in London, UK. PAW focuses on concrete examples of deployed predictive analytics. Learn precisely how top practitioners in a variety of organizations and industries deploy predictive analytics, and experience the impact it delivers.

October 23 - 24 (London): Social Media Strategies Summit London 2013

Global Strategic Management Institute (GSMI) is excited to bring you the latest social event, Social Media Strategies Summit (SMSS), London. Whether your organisation is a start-up or a large enterprise, SMSS will provide you with relevant case study examples, interactive workshops and engaging sessions to boost your social media marketing efforts and reach your company’s business goals.

October 28 - 30 (New York): Strata Conference + Hadoop World New York 2013

The best minds in data will gather again at the Hilton New York as Strata + Hadoop World returns -- to learn, connect, and explore the issues and opportunities in big data. Since joining forces last year, Strata + Hadoop World is also one of the largest gatherings of the Apache Hadoop community, with emphasis on hands-on and business sessions on the Hadoop ecosystem.

October 28 - 30 (Orlando): dotCMS Bootcamp Orlando 2013

Any dotCMS customer or user can benefit from attending this year’s Conference. Whether you're new to dotCMS or an experienced dotCMS developer, our conference sessions offer a wealth of information. With two specific tracks, you're guaranteed to leave with new tools and ideas relevant to your job. This year's tracks will cater to Java Developers, System Administrators, Frontend Developers and Designers.

October 29 - 31 (Mumbai): IT Innovation Conference Mumbai 2013

IINCON aims to bring such products, services, wonders and innovations to limelight and to you. Our focus solely lies on showing you the unseen, unheard, unique and unknown of inventions and innovations which make use of IT from round the world. We wish to showcase how the innovations have affected our daily life, our careers, our thinking and also our world. IINCON is not an ordinary IT Expo or IT event.

October 30 - 31 (Bangalore): BYTE into Big Data Summit Bangalore 2013

The BYTE into BIG Data Summit is an opportunity for Key Decision Makers from cross Industry, involved in Data Analysis, Data Storage and Data Management to get together, discuss, understand and elucidate how enterprises can effectively understand, analyze, protect and utilize the massive surge in Data coming their way.

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