Attunity, an enterprise software solution company has released an updated version of their Attunity RepliWeb for Enterprise File Replication (EFR) product. With this release Attunity has enabled the EFR to replicate data files to, from and between the Apache Hadoop analytics platform.

Big Data is Here to Stay

Big Data is becoming important part of data monitoring, as more and more businesses look for a solution that provides data storage and analytics capabilities, as well as easy and quick file transfers, which is something that Attunity and other solution providers have noticed. Other recent product updates and new releases that are big data-centric include IDInteract’s Demand Exchange, a multi-channel digital marketing tool and Logi XML's Logi Info v11, an updated platform that embeds analytics data into business applications.

To help current and future clients with this demand, the updated version Attunity’s Repliweb for EFR -- version 6.0 -- allows companies to move and store big amounts of data out of the Hadoop, but also helps with “mission-critical initiatives including business intelligence and Big Data analytics that inform strategic decisions and drive competitive advantage.”

"When they [customers] expressed a need for an enterprise-grade solution capable of making Big Data available in Hadoop, we answered with Attunity RepliWeb for EFR 6.0. Our newly-enhanced solution answers this market need with full manageability, high performance and ease of use," said Matt Benati, Vice President of Global Marketing at Attunity. “Attunity helps organizations bypass the complexities associated with the difficult task of moving data to Hadoop and the cloud while enabling them to put their data to immediate use for competitive advantage."


What does RepliWeb 6.0 Offer?

In addition to being able to move data in and out of Hadoop, other features included in the product update are:

  • An easy to use dashboard feature where users can monitor data -- both small and large file transfers.
  • The ability to assign a “ replication management delegation” to a user or a group.
  • Automatic backup and recovery of replication files and transfer processes.
  • Repliweb 6.0 is a single platform, but has unified replication management capabilities so that it can be used across different operating systems such as Linux and Windows, servers and other devices.
  • Repliweb can be used with Amazon Web Services when accessed through the Attunity Cloudbeam SaaS Service, which means that those who use this service can push Big Data into S3 without having to install use any other applications.

For those who are interested in Attunity RepliWeb for Enterprise File Replication 6.0, it is recommended that they contact Attunity to request a demo or a sales representative for purchasing inquiries.