Box Offered Nice Productivity News Anyone Notice BoxWorks


Box CEO Aaron Levie set himself up with an interesting line to tow at BoxWorks, his company’s user conference being held at San Francisco’s Moscone Center this week.

But how do you make your product announcements shine in a room where Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg talks about Walt Disney’s mission to “make movies for children and the child inside all of us,” where Academy award winner Jared Leto pontificates on his early days as an entrepreneur selling weed and where an Oscar is passed around so the audience can take selfies with it?


Can a Box integration with Office 365 garner the same enthusiasm? Maybe it would in another context on another day, and we’re here to say it is notable.

Expanded Capabilities

If you’re a Box user you now (in beta) have the option to open files straight from your Box account, allowing easy access to your recently accessed files in Office365.

Right within Word, Excel and PowerPoint, you can save your files back to Box, even if you started at your desktop. You can also share secure links to files on Box, with options to expire those links or limit downloading from them.

This is the kind of capability that everyone from a worker bee to the queen of the hive wants. It makes working with content in a multi-platform, multi device, cloudy world less of a hassle.

Levie also announced an update to Box Notes which lets you create and share simple content on the go in real time. It now includes a checklist feature, can be localized for languages Box supports, and delivers on Box’s vision of being able to create, view, edit, and collaborate in real time from truly anywhere, using editor features like font sizes, colors, lists, and images in addition to hyperlinks, annotations, and collaboration with “Noteheads.” It also provides a version history, which, for some of us, may be more of a requirement than a “nice to have.”

Can Anyone Hear Me?

In addition, Levie announced that Box would be adding the ability to add tables to Box Notes for doing things like outlining goals or creating lists of tasks and so on.

It’s a good addition to Box’s productivity solution set, but during the keynote it drew no applause, something Levie probably didn’t expect. “If you guys don’t clap, I can’t drink water,” Levie plead with a seemingly underwhelmed audience upon finishing the announcement.

No one seems to have tweeted either.

And Levie’s final end-user facing productivity announcement centered around Box annotations. It seems that customers told Box they didn’t want to pull files down to work with them and the update eliminates that requirement. Now annotation on more than 100 file types can be done directly on Box.

Put all of these together and what do you get? End users can be more productive, waste less time and add more value when they work with Box. Who wouldn’t want that?