Android users have millions of apps to enjoy, but there's still some envy for iOS's best-in-class products. Another of those pins will fall down soon, with the upcoming release of mega-popular photo app Instagram while a faster updated Facebook app is out now.

A New Facebook

First things first, Facebook has just updated its app for Android users, increasing the speed of navigation, messaging and accessing photos. Messages now appear at the top of app and can be responded to without leaving the page you're on. The app is available from the Android Market.

While there are lots of new apps trying to thing differently, like The Social Radio, with its spoken tweets, users still want the classics it seems.  And Instagram has announced that it has doubled its development team to get the Android version of its app ready. There is still no word on when it will launch though.

Better Than a Photo

The massively popular photo taking, touch-up and publishing app is heading to the Android. The iOS version has around 15 million users and, while there are plenty of functionally similar Android apps, the original was developed by lovers of photography. It shows that touch of class, along with a strong knowledge of social media.


Instagram on iPhone has a huge following, with users sharing their efforts

Presumably a Windows Phone version will follow, and Android owners will probably be hoping for their version of Flipboard soon too, the iPad's classic news app has just been released for the iPhone.