Here's a Way to Pull Your Project Data Together in Office 365

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Although Microsoft has been developing Office 365 at a ferocious rate recently, it still remains a suite of individual applications designed to accomplish specific tasks. To enhance user navigation, harmon.ie has developed a single screen view of those applications and what’s happening in them.

This week, it took that a step further with the launch of its new Project Management Solution, an extension of its harmon.ie email that enables users to pull together all the information that is passing through Office 365, OneDrive, Lync and Yammer on a given project for easy access on either mobile or desktop.

If you're hardcore users of Office 365 there is a reasonably good chance that you have at least come across one of the harmon.ie apps that enable users to pull all their Microsoft collaboration tools together.

With these apps, business users can share documents and reach out and collaborate using SharePoint, Office 365, Yammer, Office for iPad, Office Online, OneDrive for Business, Lync, Outlook and the telephone, within a single app. But why project management? Because more people are using SharePoint and, more recently, Office 365, as a platform for project management, Yaacov Cohen, founder and CEO of harmon.ie told CMSWire.

In fact, in a recent harmon.ie webinarwith more than 250 online attendees, 62 percent reported that they already use Office 365 or SharePoint for project management.

The project management solution goes beyond collaboration. Workers can efficiently track and update activities, tasks, calendar events, documents, Yammer discussions and Lync conversations via the harmon.ie Project Management Solution. 

It gives users an easy-to-follow, front-page view of an entire project and all associated activities and updates through harmon.ie’s activity stream and offers notifications from all Microsoft collaboration tools.

Any change to activity, task, calendar and contact or document status automatically appears within the activity stream, providing a consistent and easy way to manage projects within Outlook and on mobile devices. In addition, the new email viewer gives users access to project-related emails from mobile devices within harmon.ie. The solution also adds the ability to follow, view and edit SharePoint task items from the desktop.

Learning Opportunities

Cohen said harmon.ie optimized project management for SharePoint as well by adding PDF annotation support and email and mobile support for SharePoint lists, which is the basis for SharePoint contacts, calendars and tasks. In fact, he boasted:

harmon.ie now enables full access to all project artifacts on SharePoint and Office 365 from both Email and Mobile, enabling business users to participate in projects from the office and on the go, online and offline. With this setup, IT typically provides a SharePoint project template, which business users can use to start and manage projects. IT then takes care of the backup and lifecycle management of the information including record management and archiving once the product is completed." 

Microsoft Office 365

The solution addresses an ongoing issue with Microsoft Office 365: the need to flip through various apps to complete a given task. With the release of Office for iOS devices earlier this year and the recent release of Office for Android tablets, the rate at which enterprises move to Office 365 is likely to increase — as long as Microsoft can demonstrate that it is easy to get work done.

Microsoft has left it to its partners to develop greater integration across applications and harmon.ie has been especially active.

This makes a lot of sense given the ongoing development of Office 365 in the enterprise space. Single screen access to project data contained in Office 365, including Sh arePoint, is exactly the kind of product that is likely to gain traction, particularly with mobile workers.