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Collaboration software in the enterprise is a “must have." And many of the big software and service providers have integrated social workplace tools into their products. Microsoft has brought Yammer into Office, Salesforce provides Chatter in its cloud, VMWare has SocialCast and so on…

But Jive remains standing on its own and offers something that the aforementioned don’t — its solution centers around you, the end user, and your community, rather than a business process, document or task.

“Jive is the hub that brings it all together,” said Elissa Steele, the company’s executive vice president of marketing and products. “It breaks down silos, it’s built for collaboration and communications,” she adds.

And as such it improves the flow of information, it helps business solve problem faster and creates a competitive advantage.

Work Better Together

"Jive helps you work better together" is the theme of JiveWorld, the company’s user conference in Las Vegas this week. And the company keeps pumping out features to enable that, be they newly introduced connectors to Microsoft Office 365, including Outlook Online, Office Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, products for social task management such as Producteev, and even a tool for  knowing and sharing your worktype so that there’s more clarity around the way to get things done together.

This week Jive continued blazing its path to bridge the gap between Office and Office365 by delivering on its first milestone in that effort (Outlook Online). It also announced a new connector for Google Docs (now in beta) giving end users yet another solution to leverage alongside Jive.

Not only that, but co-editing was also introduced for Google Docs so that two or more people can work together on the same document at the same time.

Easier and Better

Enhanced iOS and Android apps were made available as well. The iOS app, according to Clara Liang, the company’s chief product officer, provides an easier way to consume content and pictures. The iOS app offers better support for custom single sign-on implementations and better handling of long comment threads. In addition, the Jive Android app now features announcement viewing and the ability for people to follow the content, people and places most important to them.

Jive has also added more tiles to its Tiles solution. New tiles include the “Ask a Question” tile, which is a simple way for employees to find answers to their questions, whether they are related to HR, help desks, or any other part of an organization. All they have to do is to start typing a question and similar questions that have been asked before will be revealed which makes it easier and faster for employees to find answers.

JiveX Enhancements Leverage Analytics

Knowing your customers and business partners is key in this day and age and Jive’s latest JiveX release uses ROI-focused analytics to drive and deepen customer and partner engagement and brand affinity with compelling interactions across both mobile and web experiences.

Trending Streams Show What Matters

While working heads down with blinders on may be a good way of getting something done, if it’s not significant in terms of what’s going on around you, it may not have much impact.

Jive now provides a trending stream dashboard so that, with just a quick glance, you can look up and see what’s going on.


A Better Way of Getting Things Done?

The idea that “We can do better work together than I can on my own” is practically a given. Jive Software gives its customers what they need to embrace that truth. Instead of hunting for documents, moving in and out of applications, shuttling emails back and forth and so on … Jive presents a smart, enabling, alternative to get things done, better.