Google+ is spending a good chunk of time in its "terrible 2s” pushing features that make it easier for businesses to collaborate in its social networking enterprise.

Business-Geared Development

With the release this week of new business-focused features for the Google+ app on Android and the announcement of general availability of the Google+ Domains API, the internet giant’s social networking platform moves forward again with increased features for business communication on its social networking site.

Google+ earlier this year celebrated its second birthday. The app announcement comes as Google seems to be in a full-swing mode captivating its business users with business-friendly platforms. Earlier this year, Google released a feature to allow a business’ YouTube videos to appear on its Google+ pages. The goal? Opening doors in the marketing and customer engagement sphere.

On a business page, organizations can showcase a YouTube channel. At the same time, multiple users can refresh content on the page. No master log-in credentials by the page’s owner required.

How App Works

Google+’s latest developments make things easier for those wanting to switch back and forth between work and personal accounts. The Google+ app on Android now supports multiple accounts and provides multiple log-ins, according to a blog post from Joël Kalmanowicz, product manager for the Google Apps Team.

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Also with the Google+ app on Android, users can now create restricted posts. These posts will not be shared outside organizations, something obviously attractive to businesses with super-sensitive security concerns about its disseminated information.

One new feature is also making it easier to connect with coworkers. Google+ created new domain labels in both the mobile app and on the web for better and quicker connections. 

Domains API Now Available

All Google apps customers can use Domains API now, allowing them to integrate Google+ into their existing tools and processes, in addition to enterprise software vendor access to Google+ from their products.

Google cites two examples of organizations using Domains API:

  • Ocado: A Google Apps customer that uses the Google+ Domains API to sync active directory teams with employees’ circles. Employees, through this method, have up-to-date Google+ circles containing all the other members of their team.
  • Cloudlock: An enterprise software vendor in the Google Apps Marketplace that uses Domains API to support access for Google+ to its suite of data loss prevention, governance and compliance applications .

Still Trailing Facebook

The business steam in Google’s engine may be helping to boost popularity. Google+ topped Twitter for the No. 2 spot in social media popularity, according to a survey of 2,500 people by the ad firm Burst Media. Facebook sat on top.