This week offered several statistics about the low levels of employee engagement in the workforce. But all hope is not lost -- there are strategies and tools out there that can help turn these numbers around. Read on.

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While tools are no panacea for all that ails employee engagement in an organization, this piece from Sharon O'Dea (@sharonodea) makes a strong case for how the right tools can be used to enhance old values: respect, agency, autonomy -- Social Intranets Deliver Employee Engagement and Strategic Advantage:

In these financially turbulent times, employee engagement, and the role it can play in increasing productivity and profitability, is more important than it’s ever been. And while there are no "quick fix" solutions, the evolution of social intranets has given executives some powerful tools with which to boost engagement. A social intranet is no magic bullet, but it can have positive and measurable impacts."

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Top Customer Experience Story

First time contributor Syed Hasan (@responsetek) gets down to the nitty gritty in his Choosing the Customer Metrics That Matter, showing that all the talk about customer experience is well and good, but if you are not following and proving positive results, it's only so much talk:

Any organization seeking to implement a customer experience program will need a quantitative method to track the experiences of its customers. The correct metrics will allow an organization to consistently monitor how it is performing over short- and long-term periods, as well as compare performance across channels and geographies." 

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Two different studies look at the same subject matter and come up with fundamentally different outlooks in Norman Marks (@normanmarks) piece Why I Worry About Uncertainty First, Then About Risk

As an organization looks to its future, it establishes a vision, goals and objectives together with strategies and plans for achieving them. But, the path to achieving those objectives is always uncertain. Factors that may be external or internal to the organization create sources of uncertainty. Successful organizations consider and respond to these sources."

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