Windows 8 support has been included in a couple of updates for the Novell ZENworks Mobile Management (BYOD) and application virtualization suites.

The Cloud Cometh

This is Novell making moves that help keep workers productive, even if they aren't at their desk. As Forrester analyst James Staten predicted, companies are moving into the cloud and no longer simply wondering if it's the right time to do it. In order to be productive in the cloud, of course, workers need a virtual workspace, and companies need flexible mobile management strategies.

Novell has updated its virtualization and mobile management suites, and the idea is for workers to be able to take their desktop with them via access to apps from their chosen mobile device. We often think about how much trouble the BYOD phenomenon gives IT departments, but managing applications is a big task as well. It's not as new of a problem, and while there is some definite overlap with BYOD, it still poses some unique challenges.

Windows 8 in ZENworks Application Virtualization 10

Packaging and executing Windows 8 apps has been included in the ZENworks Application Virtualization 10 update, and the process is pretty straightforward. Apps can be virtualized by scanning a Windows 8 desktop for existing apps or by using a template and guided wizard to help build one.


Four ways to virtualize apps from a Windows 8 machine.

There's also a Web interface that can be built with the Application Virtualization 10 Server for providing apps to people outside a company, such as contractors or students. Apps can be shared through a browser, tracked and expired, and licensing can be enforced.

BYOD in Full Effect with Mobile Management 2.7

The version 2.7 update brings more granular control of large mobile device groups to the ZENworks Mobile Management suite. Groups of devices can be managed, instead of just individual users. It does this by implementing a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) that can automatically update directories.

ZENworks Mobile Management can also now be accessed from the ZENworks Control Center, along with the rest of the ZENworks lineup. Devices that can be managed include Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone and coming soon, BlackBerry OS 10x.

Pricing for the Mobile Management suite is a US$ 59 per device license fee and a US$ 15 per year maintenance fee. There are also subscriptions available for US$ 30 per year.